Home School Twist Time!

This past summer my son underwent a series of tests to help us ‘figure’ him out educationally.  The first day of testing quickly revealed that we did in fact have concerns regarding him, but first and foremost, they were behavioural concerns.

So we ended up throwing in a whole bunch of extra testing and such.  At the middle of summer we learned that not only does our son have ADHD, something we knew but didn’t have labeled, he also has Oppositional Defiance Disorder.

Tonight, at report receiving time, we learned that he likely has two other disorders which are not completely diagnosed yet.  One is a disorder which leads to much frustration, he has something that nearly causes him much frustration in getting his intelligence out on to the paper.  We aren’t quite sure if this is an occupational disorder, or something else.  The more he has to think about something, the messier his writing gets, the more horrid his spelling, and the more under grade level he performs.  It is as if he has to push his thoughts out through a concrete wall.

The second is some sort of memory disorder and is closely tied to and likely feeds his ADHD.

Some interesting things were also learned.

While he tested very poorly on his math when handed a sheet of problems at a grade 1.8 level, when she tested him with real life math and math comprehension questions he tested at a grade 7.8 level.  In other words, when the math could be done in his head or he could imagine the problem he did it very, very well.  The problem is that while it is great to know how to do complicated math stuff, if you’re thinking 2 + 2 = 5, you’re always going to be wrong!

He’s got a good memory and excellent comprehension but he’s not the most observant.  So he’s missing crucial details which affect his overall memory and comprehension.  A math example would be not noting the ‘sign’ of the math sentence and doing addition where it should have been subtraction.  Nevermind that he correctly concluded that 10 – 20 = -10, more importantly we wanted to know that 10 + 20 = 30!

So… there are ways to help this child learn and stop frustrating him!  Mainly, Mommy has a lot of learning and re-tweaking of school to do!  Homeschool 101, here I come again!

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3 Responses to Home School Twist Time!

  1. Applie says:

    That is interesting. I don’t think I have heard anything like that before. I really hope you are able to figure it all out, tweat the homeschooling, and help him learn. 🙂

  2. dreamom says:

    Sometimes our sons seems frighteningly similar! Let me know what you find out!

  3. Jenn says:

    Hey Roberta – do you have access to a computer/software to help him get his ideas out without writing (the fine motor part)? Do you have an OT helping him? I deal with a lot of kids with these diagnoses/difficulties. Lemme know if you need/want some info. 🙂

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