Getting through

This weekend… nasty weekend.

Started when I tried to connect the dishwasher to the sink… turned on the tap and the faucet blew up in my face.

Which meant a day without water, or waking hubby up to fix it now.  So we went without water, which meant that I didn’t bother sweeping or cleaning and took the day to read a book instead.

Then it was discovered that our coffee maker doesn’t work any more (head to camping gear and get that coffee maker)…

I carefully remembered to put the dough on for pizza… but the bread machine revealed to me 2 hours later… it also doesn’t work.  Not a bit.

Then I had the pleasure of waking up DH, which didn’t go over well.  Partly because it was early and partly because he had to fix something…. or two, or three.

sigh… so naturally, this morning  I spilled my cup of coffee right over the newly cleaned laundry.

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One Response to Getting through

  1. kimhsmom says:

    I am so sorry you had a bad day….GREAT BIG HUGGLES TO YOU

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