Happier Knitting News

I signed up to be a Deputy Returning Officer on our Election date, Oct. 14th.  I’ve heard a rumour that aside from the business of having to be all official and such…

Its really just an excuse to knit all day and be paid $200 for it 😉 😀 .

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5 Responses to Happier Knitting News

  1. Applie says:

    Cool!! have fun with the knitting, uh I mean, being the Deputy. LOL

  2. Elaine says:

    You know I have thought about getting more involved in the election process by working the polls. I’ve just never figured out who I need to talk to. It would be fun to get paid to crochet!!

  3. Songbirdy says:

    Well, in my case it was a friend who called and said, call this number they NEED people.

    But to sign up I called the same number that you would call to register for the vote. So I would assume if you still have enumeration people, you could tell one of them.

    Also, I know you can call the party you’d vote for and tell them you are interested in participating in the Elections procedures and they’d give you the information!

  4. desia says:

    So, did you get a lot of knitting done?!

  5. gingerporter says:

    How did it go and did you start on that special, special shawl you bought the alpaca for?

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