A Funny Thing Happened

This happened on Friday and I initially posted it to the Flylady Forums. But I decided I wanted to remember this for later years.

Okay, my daughter just turned 7. I’ve been a flybaby since she was 1. The last 3 years have been, without question, my ‘worst’ years as a flybaby.

BUT one thing I learned was that as I grew up my parents did a whole lot of things, likely sub-conscious, that really fed my perfectionist personality.

So I strove to teach my kids to just spend 15, and I have been really good at not re-doing their work, celebrating what they do and so forth even when I’ve had my rough years.

I’ll show them ‘how’ to do a job, for example, clean the windows or vacuum their room only if they ask me to show them how or if it is readily apparent that they simply aren’t doing the job. But when they do the job, I might point out one or two things and then thank them for their efforts.

90% of the time I allow them to pick their own jobs, after having listed what I see needs to be done.

So today I set the timer for 15 minutes. My son offered to clean the bathroom counter. My daughter was told to vacuum her floor.

After 15 minutes my son came to my proudly, “LOOK mom! I managed to get the bar of soap yellow again!!!” [his sister had got paint all over it yesterday]

After hearing the vacuum cleaner make the “oops I’ve sucked up something” sound, I ran to my daughter’s room. She had been vacuuming and didn’t hear the timer.

I found her with her curtains sucked into the nozzle tool of the vacuum.

She looks up proudly and states, “Mom, I noticed that if you use this pointy thing you get much more stuff sucked up! I had to do my curtains, I did my bed and one book shelf!”

My reply, “That’s great honey… (trying not to cry/laugh) um, its much more noticeable when you do the big middle part with all that junk on it! IF you vacuum the middle, like I said, you’d see a big difference.”

She, “That makes sense.”

So she does the middle. Then I see her going to her room with a lint roller.

“What are you going to do honey?”

“Well, this will work better than the vacuum!”

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3 Responses to A Funny Thing Happened

  1. Elaine says:

    Thanks for the laugh.
    After all the numbers and paper work that I just got done taking care of that was a welcome read!!

  2. Applie says:

    That is so funny! LOL

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