Nest News

Well, I’ve been slowly working on the nest.  I’ve been clearing out bits of clutter, that wee bit of straw that pokes under the shoulder blades, etc 😉 .

I’ve sent out 3 large garbage bags of trash, and have another 3 of items to be donated to the thrift store.  I have to really sort through them again because I know a few toys missing pieces got shuffled into that pile by the fledglings.

I’ve been working on resuming my ‘Flying Patterns’ from flylady.  This past two weeks I have been actually getting back into the system.  I now have 5 daily routines typed out.  While I resist the thought of order, it is wonderful to feel the CHAOS in the house subsiding!

In true horror story fashion, my printer at first decided it would only print in colour and then it decided that perhaps it would print not at all!  The shock and terror this caused me was great.  I was trying vailiently to home-school without it and people were being very kind to me in accomodating my requests that they print out those things that they wanted me to print out for our co-op classes.

Then on Tuesday, at a Co-op someone mentioned to me that Staples currently has spectacular sales on printers.  So we went out in search of the holy grail of printers.  The cost-effective copier, printer, & scanner unit.  We found several inexpensive ink-jet versions.  We couldn’t decide so I had the husband rope in the salesperson… ah, you all shake your heads knowingly!

Yes, my friends, we were sold up.  But, I am hoping it was a wise and frugal choice.  My old printer’s cartridges cost $55.  I had to replace them about 4 times per year.  Our new laser printer cartridges print the equivalent of 6 of my old cartridges.  So I am looking at replacing a cartridge every other year.  And the new cartridges currently cost $50.  So less waste, less cost.

Ah, but the question remains… what was the cost of the new printer!  Yes, we can all agree that the purchase makes ‘cents’ from a cartridge cost analysis, but what about the intial cost?

Good point my friends!  Well, the printer cost $399 plus taxes.  But there was an instore rebate of $150, and I had my Staples $ saved up, and it cost us $129 once all my rebates were in place.  The ink-jet would have cost us $50 (with my Staples $).  So the difference would have been $79.  Just over the cost of a single colour cartridge.

And that my friends is a good deal!

[not to mention that this printer seems responsive to my desire to print on funky paper sizes and envelopes… I’ve been playing and have made it do all sorts of wonderful things that only a home-schooling mother can enjoy :)]

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One Response to Nest News

  1. Elaine says:

    Sounds like a great deal!!
    I’ve not gotten into laser printers at this point though perhaps in a couple of years I’ll do so.

    You are right, a homeschool w/o a printer/copier/scanner is somehow incomplete….yes I do speak from experience.

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