Construction on the Nest

Well, we’ve been working on the house.  Yesterday we had some men come in and install a stove & oven vent and a bathroom vent.  They only put the pieces in place and we still need to find an electrician.  The one that this company uses is so busy he can’t come.  But since we initially put in the request for this to be done in the Spring we dicided to take what we can get and go from there!  It’s tough being a ‘small’ job in an old handyman special house!  There is little to lure the skilled tradesperson to our nest when they can find lots of much easier jobs in houses on the build not requiring gymnastics to even get to the location of the build.

Yesterday the two gentlemen had to crawl into two different areas, one involving going through the three different roof sections of our house and the other into the fourth roof section that can not be reached any other way!

Still, I am thrilled to be at least this far!

This past Sunday one of my big time commitments has been finished.  I’ve got a few weeks lull before October and pandemonium strikes again!  Mind you, the meetings and appointments don’t slow down.

I spent Monday morning dealing with financial affairs of the family.  Papabirdy does a great job bringing home the worms, but its the education of Songbirdy (Momma) and Papabirdy that still creates problems.  Big enough problems that may require really big solutions.  We’ve been consulting and doing our research and I can see why the Bible mentions so negatively about interest because I can tell you, if there were a much more reasonable amount of interest on our student loans I wouldn’t have a concern… but every year it gets hiked up and we are currently at 10.34% interest and hence, looking at other solutions!

Coupled with the finanical concerns are some doubts with Songbirdy’s past tax filing abilities.  I’ve used tax programs and e-filed, and prior to those I filed our taxes via the good old pencil and paper route.  Last year it seems our moved sparked the governments interest and they went back and looked at things and came up with a nice tax bill.  So we hired a ‘specialist’ to go over the governments paperwork.  There does seem to be a case of social insurance number fraud involved with my taxes and a former company with which I was employed!  You don’t want to know the hassle that could involve.  But since it seems more prudent to actually go back right to the year we were married and refile all our taxes.

Since we are doing this, we are also going to file some paperwork regarding our son’s tax information.  As of this writing it looks like, given a lot of time and paperwork, we could potentially come out ahead of the game instead of having a big tax bill.

Lesson learned from this?  I am never filing taxes for us again and will just hire someone to do the work for me!  My head is just swiming thinking of all the forms and stuff that I was looking at.  Also, it does pay to be super-organized with your tax papers and to keep them all, past the minimum year requirement.

In other news, I’m sure, very sure, that I don’t want an outside job!  Thank you very much!

Between home-school, I’ve got after-school care-giving, tutouring, sewing jobs, my volunteer work, hockey stuff for the boy, ballet and organ lessons for the girl, and then there is the all important knitting!  I may not bring in lots of $ but I bring in enough considering the savings the family earns through my being at home.  Sigh, me thinks I am a tad bit defensive given some of the talks I had with the MBA’s and such when looking into finances!

Why is it that their first solution to our financial crises for me to go and be employed?  Do they really think that would help?!  And why, oh, why do they insist that I can’t feed a family on $300 per month when I have done that for the last 4 years?  At least they do agree with me, when I point it out, that every dollar I save by being at home is the same as me earning $3.  So there is some hope!

Anyhow… enough ramblings.  The nest is under construction.  I’m waiting for a piece of second-hand furniture I bought at the Bibles for Missions store.  I’m hoping that my $80 wall-unit/buffet/china cabinet will do in sorting out our current homeschool supplies overload that my daughter decided, over the summer, no longer could be stored in her room!

You have a great day, okay?  Me, I’m going to go have some more coffee!

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One Response to Construction on the Nest

  1. Elaine says:

    All the best to you as you sort through all the government gobbly-goop over the taxes.

    Huggs and prayers for you all.

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