Today was payday and since there was a lot of places I had to go and I had my after-school child coming, I decided to make a day out.

Naturally we got comment after comment, along the typical lines.

But we had a few awesome comments which just made my day.  One of my favourite high quality ‘stuff’ stores had a massive sale on.  I found this wonderful dish and I was thrilled!  The gentleman salesperson was helping us get one out that was still in a box.  We (yes, the kids and I) were thrilled.  He walked us to another table and showed us another bowl that might work well with our newest dish.  As he held it up both my children were full of exclamations and appreciation.

Laughing, he leaned to me and said, “You are doing one awesome job training these kids.”

[no, we didn’t buy that dish, but the one we did buy cost us 5% of the listed price! yay!]

Now, the next comment also made my day.  The thing that I can’t really blog is the ‘patter’ that we have while we go out in public.  90% of the time I notice people gravitating towards my children and I.  If we join a line at a till, I often notice those with more time joining our line.  It is almost a promise that my children will engage every person in their conversation.  Plus we have a very unique way of talking to each other.

My daughter is very hard to clothe, but I discovered one box chain does sell ‘ultra-slim’ versions of their regular lines.  Every year I haunt their store around this time in order to buy her new season’s jeans and pants for rediculously low prices. Today was the day to increase her wardrobe.

She was having a blast.  She had already recieved her birthday shopping trip in the morning to get her ballet outfit (which I have to alter, that ‘lithe’ figure again!) so she was hamming it up in the dressing area.

My son and I sat on a bench and slowly got into commenting on her and were asked by other shoppers our opinions on their clothes.  One man was quite humoured when my 8 year old son remarked, “Sir, that brown sweater just washes you out, but you looked splendorific in that green one!”

Anyhow, the two gentlemen running the changing area turned around at a point when we were the only ones there,

“Since you all are home-schoolers and have the time, can’t you please, please stay here for the rest of the shift?  Its normally so boring but this – this is great!”



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5 Responses to Remarked

  1. Elaine says:

    I’d say that your kids certainly do know how to communicate with people of all ages and to do so without being offensive to boot!!

    Glad it was such a fun outing.

  2. Bobbie says:

    That was cute and funny. I really needed that laugh. What a great outing it must’ve been. lol.

  3. woundedlily says:

    I’m glad you had a good time. It put a smile on my face.

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