Declaration of a Wife and Mother

We’ve swung into our school schedule again and it quickly became aparent to me that *this* is what was missing.  Prior to summer, due to valid circumstances, we fell into a hit and miss schedule for everything.

Laundry happened on a bare bottom basis.  Food, well, gee I don’t know that ice cream, corn chips with salsa and cheese don’t count for a well balanced meal!  Dairy, Grains, Vegetables, Protein and Sugar, right?

I jest a little but life was too random.

After camp this summer I found myself really having to pull into myself.  I’ve expended too much energy on behalf of other people and my family and ultimately myself have paid too high a cost.  Its not that I regret the things I did or the time I spent, its just that it was one of those slippery slope situations that very quickly found myself in over my head and not realizing that I had let go of my first priorities.

I do wish that I could do all that I wanted to and in the time and order that I want but reality, in the form of these two children that keep on pressing into my ‘personal body space’, means that I must be a better manager of both my time and my energies.

I’d like to be able to go out and have all the fun I want, yet I know that I shouldn’t.  It isn’t right for me to be out playing each and every day and neglecting the needs of my family.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that I can’t and won’t go and play!  Trust me, I know the importance of balance.  But the result I found in the last few months was that too much play left me emotionally tapped and my house in shambles.

I like a clean and orderly house.  Not a pristine house, but a tidy home.  Since I like eating food off of my dishes, I’m not concerned with having a floor clean enough to eat upon.  Since I like the fact that spiders eat mosquitos you’ll find that they do have a welcome corner in my home.

However, I do like shiny sinks and clean counters, a bathroom that smells of something other than its primary function, drawers with neat piles of clean laundry, covered bottoms, and crisp sheets on my bed.

I do love sitting with my children while they work, and now that my son is on meds I’m finding school is actually a joy!

I really, really love cranking the tunes at night or an audio book and knitting away.  I also enjoy evenings scrapbooking with friends or sharing coffee and tea.

I’m passionate about my volunteer work.  I see it as fufilling my calling as a Christian.  I see it improving others, believers or not.

My husband finds so much meaning in home cooked food, and truthfully, with a little bit of effort its easy to do for him.  So I want to do better on finding a nice balance in this area.  Plus, dang nabbit!  I’m an awesome Chef and I know it.  I cook better than most, and its stupid to not take advantage of my healthy, sugar-free cooking!  My son will thank me for it the next day in his more controlled behaviour.  (I write this as he is currently bouncing off the walls because Daddy ‘cooked’ Delicisio last night!)

Anyhow, enough of the diatribe.  Our fifteen minute insanity break is nearly done and I want to have my knitting in place before we get back to work!  I’ve got a baby blanket to have ready for the beginning of October.

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2 Responses to Declaration of a Wife and Mother

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Love this! I’ve been working on getting my priorities right too. Man, it is hard work! 🙂

  2. Wounded Lily says:

    It is hard to get a balance and some days you just won’t. I enjoyed reading your blog.

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