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Camp Encounters is over. I did get asked to be the co-director next year. This will require some consideration. One thing I’ve learned is that the heart and voices of the members of my current church are sincere and enthusiastic but that we suffer greatly from too many commitments in our church. I know that I am often thought of as odd because I don’t have my children involved in more than one or two activities. It is often wondered what we do with all our free time, and I often wonder what free time!

It was brought to my attention, again, this week that as a parent I must learn to not be attached to ‘stuff.’ Earlier in the year I had bartered with a friend and earned some party-lite things from her. One was a candle ‘cover’ that I wanted for quite sometime. One night while we were reading my son was flinging something around and set it flying. I no longer have that cover that I wanted so badly. Sadly the remains are still sitting on my dishwasher as I haven’t the desire to be quite finished with it yet. I’m a little sad as to how ‘attached’ I am to this ‘thing.’

In regards to reading, we finished another Enid Blyton book tonight, and immediately started into our next one. We are currently working on the Famous Five series. My children don’t like her Secret Seven series, which incidentally is opposite of myself, I liked the Seven but wasn’t fond of the Five. I heartily recommend her books to for children in the 6 – 9 years range. They make lovely read-aloud books, especially if you can pull of a proficient British reading accent. Which, I can.

Today I missed church because I had to be the ‘official’ member of Two River’s Neighbourhood Community Group at their annual picnic. The group is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Each year it has had a picnic, two of those have not had rain. This year was not one of those two years. But I think it went well, with about 80+ people in attendance.

Plans are nearly in place for this coming weekends bike tour. I’m looking forward to this event with, I think, a healthy dose of nerves.

My children are in Two Rivers Morning camp this week. Its their last week of camp. I’m looking to it as giving me some time. I’ve got a crazy amount of housework to do, as things are beyond even my relaxed standards.

My parents are 1 week into their 5 week vacation. They are travelling by ‘Westie’ to Vancouver Island and back. A Westie is a Volkswagon camper van. It is a ‘working’ vacation. My father is a speaker/representative with the Christian Stewardship Services, his name is Rick DeGraaf, and he will be doing various things along his way. My mother is a painter and teacher of folk art and other methods of painting, you can see her website here.

Hallelujah, the fence is finished… until my parents are home and my dad can chainsaw the tops of the posts off!

And last but not least, we put Bear down this past Friday morning. There were too many things going on, to many to write. Plus I had contacted agency after agency and none would accept the dog. Because of issues with our son, we actually got our ‘new’ dog Thursday evening making it clear to them that this meant that Bear had to go. The children have come up with the idea that the dog returned to the breeder, even though they were told it was going to heaven to be with Oma. So, we’ve just decided to let it go.

Our new dog is a Bischon Poodle. I think the emphasis is Bischon, but we shall see with time. It is 10.5 weeks old and a huge cuddler as it came from an older couple. Currently it is not feeling 100% as I’ve changed it to a healthier food (gradually) but it isn’t used to quality foods. But since I am not a Sam’s Club member I can not buy it Kirkland food! Our son got to name the dog and it is called Kibbles. Currently the dog is 5 lbs and should grow to between 12 – 15 lbs. Its a sweetheart.

Pictures will come later, but its late here and I’m off to bed shortly!

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One Response to Random Subjects

  1. dreamom says:

    I am sad about the PL thing – it was a pretty thing… Maybe it broke while being burned on a PL candle???

    Further – in the interest of accuracy, Kirkland is the Costco brand. Sam’s Club is Member’s Mark. I realize that you have a membership at neither, but I thought I would clarify 🙂

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