Hmm… 150 km became 160 km…

Hey yo!

That’s my son’s latest greeting. It surfaced again and was originally taken from the Roach Approach.

So I received an e-mail yesterday with the route information and itinerary for our bike ride next weekend, July 26 & 27. Did I mention that this was advertised as a 150 kilometre fundraising ride? As I’m checking out the page and printing off the information I notice a small detail… its not adding up to 150 kilometres. Did they think that slipping in a few extra kilometres would go unnoticed? Me thinks that the extra kilometres will be the hardest! pdf map of route

Its okay, I’m NOT panicky! 😆 but really I think ‘false advertising’ in this case is a little harsh. 😆 In truth I knew that they were running into problems with road construction and was told at the beginning that there would likely be route changes. I spoke with the head organizer right at the very beginning and was ‘warned.’ But, I wasn’t exactly thrilled!

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2 Responses to Hmm… 150 km became 160 km…

  1. celticmuse says:

    *waving* it will be fine and you will come home so rejuvenated.

  2. woundedlily says:

    You might surprise yourself and not realize the extra distance. But we as women, are use to going that extra mile.

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