First Camp Week Finished

This week has been busy, busy, busy!

And just as fun, fun, fun!

I was a craft and afternoon activities counsellor for a Summer Camp that my church puts on. You can find the link here. It is a very well designed camp that is partly funded by our church and each camper pays a $65 weekly enrolment fee.

Each morning of the week I led a craft called Pioneer Arts. What it could have been called is Old Time Arts. I did t-shirt rug braiding, paper marbling, and loom weaving. The kids did very well.

In the afternoons, on Monday we had Bubble Science (with 9 experiment stations), on Tuesday we did Nature Rubbing Modern Art (that turned out simply spectacular), and on Thursday we did Medieval Candles.

I found the afternoons were a hit and success with the children but I found them a chaotic mess!

Today, Saturday, Eric and I got in our big bike training ride for our M.S. Society Bike Ride.  Today he and I biked 62 kilometres!  I am simply thrilled.  But I have to say that for the first 14 kilometres I was wondering what exactly it was I had got myself into.

Eric didn’t take well to biking in the beginning today.  I believe it is because we came to the conclusion about our dog.  Our dog bit Karryne last week and nearly broke right through her skin.  This week I’ve been in the process of looking into options for this dog but the husband and I decided the dog will not be living with us for much longer.  Since Eric is slow to adapt and emotionally has extreme difficulty with emotional understanding we decided to tell him about our choice and get him used to the idea that the dog is going.  We will not be telling him exactly when because he will likely do something inappropriate.  At least he has been telling us he will.

As odd and horrible as it feels to me, I’ve been introducing Eric to the concept that Daddy and I want to get another dog.  I’ve been carefully researching breeds and breeders.  I’d really like a Bischon Frise but I simply can’t find a reputable dot breeder for this breed.  In Guelph I managed to talk to a very reputable breeder who has breed dogs for 40 years and breed Shih Tzu dogs for 20 years.  She came recommended by many people and I even found her highly praised on the Canadian Kennel Club website.  In my conversations with her, she strongly feels a Shih Tzu dog would actually be a perfect companion for my son and is strongly suggesting we get a puppy instead of the older dogs like a prefer.  The most interesting thing about this breeder is that she has a lengthy adoption process for getting one of her dogs.  And is known for sending away clients because they will not be getting one of her dogs.  I’m still not sold on this breed and will have some work to do before we would consider this breed of dog.

But it is comforting to know that the idea of getting another dog is providing Eric with some ability to accept that our beloved Bear is not going to live with us any longer.

Back to the biking which led to the dog tangent…  Eric literally cried, screamed and cursed at me for about the first 14 kilometres.  I was a horrible Momma, I am a heathen, he’ll miss his dog, he hates biking, his butt hurts, he can’t do it… that sort of thing.  It was the constant occurring dog comments that had me believing it was about the dog.

After about 13 kilometres I had enough and just soared out a good 500 metres in front of him.  I told him I wasn’t biking all the way to my parents house with that in my ear.  He caught up at 14 kilometres and apologized.  He was then quiet.  We had our first break at 15 kilometres and I could see him coming around and his attitude changing.  He gave his stuffed stowaway a hug (seriously, how did that stuffy frog get in my pannier bag?) had some cookies.  I showed him ‘if our bike ride were this cookie you’ve just biked this much’ now eat the cookie game.  About 5 minutes later on the bikes we became soaked in a downpour.  It cleared up after about 5 minutes but then started again not much later and we were totally soaked!

So I started singing, terribly off key and brawly loud, “I’m bi-i-i-iking in the rain, I’m bi-i-i-iking in the rain!  What a glorious fee-e-e-eling, I’m so-o-o-oaking again!”

It was at that point that he started to giggle and sing along.  Shortly after the second rainpour he was in excellent spirits.

Later on he commented, “Mom, if I’m ever in a bad mood like I was today at home, do you think, if we have the time, you can make me bike it away like I did today?  That really helped.”

We got to my parents in comparable time to last time.  This time we were fighting a head wind and the humidity was high.  According to the computer it was 35 degrees C… no humidex in that figure.

We took a nice long 1.5 hour break, had soup and bread, and then choose to head home.  We called Daddy on the cell phone, and he asked me very clearly for our route home.

The way home was great.  We were definitely slower.  The goal was completion not speed.  When there was about 14 km left I noticed my husband on the road.  It is really hard to miss a 6’8″ man on an extra, extra tall frame bike.  Our daughter was with him and dangerously careening all over the busy country highway.  I noticed the number of cars swerving around them first.

I pointed it out to our son.  And he went crazy!  I was glad too because by this point the humidity had really spiked.  It was soupy out there and I had hardly slept the night before so I had been yawning away.

So we got them turned around and biked back.  We were just inside the city limits, about 7 km from our home when the downpour of all downpours of the day started.  This one lasted about 30 minutes and we were in it the whole way!  It was an absolute blast!  I am so glad I invested in headlights and flashing tail lights for everyone because that was very needed in the rain to increase our visibility, 6’8″ man not withstanding!

So there you go!  As an award, we pulled the t.v. out when we got home.  We had the children sign a t.v. use contract so that hopefully we can have the t.v. used within reason in this home.

And that, my friends, sums up my week and day nicely!

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6 Responses to First Camp Week Finished

  1. Iva says:

    It’s funny…I can totally see you singing at the top of your lungs in the pouring down rain.

    It sounds like your boy has discovered that a good way to work off anger and frustration is exercise.

  2. What a delightful day. Hard work biking, yes, but so fun for your family.

    I would love to get out and ride bikes with the kids! There are very few bike paths here and the roads are very narrow so I am not willing to brave it. We also still have training wheels on one of the bikes.

  3. farrah_at_home says:

    what a great adventure

    If you are considering dog, look into a “snoodle”
    a mix of poodle and schnauzer. We have one, Ellie, she is about 12 lbs at 2 years old. She is poodle smart (very trainable) and schnauzer loyal. When 8yr boy is within talking distance, her ears perk up and she starts to prance…not ofr anyone else. Just him. She does not shed and non allegenic. She has lots of energy and need to walk every day (not far) and then she comes home to nap. She has been a joy.
    Just a thought as I had not heard of them before I thought I would pass it along.

  4. Elaine says:

    What a great week of fun and day of learning for all. I’m glad that your son saw the day for what it turned out to be and the benefits of it. 😀

  5. woundedlily says:

    I loved your singing in the rain. Looks like you got soaked but had a wonderful, wonderful time.

  6. Songbirdy says:

    I just wanted to say hi Lily and thank you for the kind comments! I’ve read you’re blog a few times and I love having visitors here too!

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