In Case I Could Have Forgotten…

Imagine this:

its 6 p.m.  and you’re hungry.

You’ve spent the day providing ‘child care’, grocery shopping, bike shopping (with the extra child who is not your husband), trial testing crafts and experiments for the arts and crafts you are running for the next two weeks, fixing up bikes, acting as Justice of the Peace, and a few other things…

You’d like to go and cook dinner…


Your neighbours corner you in your backyard and ask,

“The survey was completed last night, we thought you’d be working on the fence and it would be finished!  We want a firm answer as to when this fence is going to be built!!!”


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4 Responses to In Case I Could Have Forgotten…

  1. dreamom says:

    Just relax and think about how great it will be when the fence is done (when ARE you doing that BTW 🙂 and the only way they will know that you are in your backyard is when your children throw frisbees, balls, sticks, patio furniture and the like over it! lol

  2. Elaine says:

    I honestly don’t recall what the need for the fence was, other than privacy, but why in the world do your neighbors think that you’ve got nothing better to do one day but put it up. If they’re in such a hurry why don’t they offer to help you?

    You’ve had a busy day and I hope that today is better. (((((Birdy)))))

  3. Iva says:

    They could do the neighborly thing and offer to put it up FOR you 🙂

    What’s that adage: fences make great neighbors?


  4. Bobbie says:

    I’d tell them you’ll do it when you are good and ready to do it. And not a minute sooner. No, I really wouldn’t but, it was nice to think it for a moment.

    Either way they are going to have to wait until you do it. I wouldn’t let them rush me or stress me just smile sweetly at them and turn the other way.

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