Waiting is hard, hard work.

The Queen of Carrots is waiting on her twins to arrive.

I’m waiting but not nearly so momentous.  Currently I am waiting:

-to see if the neighbours will agree to split the cost of a one-line survey ($500 – $700) since this is their idea, I think they should pay half.

-to see if we should attempt to keep this dog.  Meanwhile every day is a case of waiting for her to go off and try and bite some other person.  Today we had two ‘attacks.’  Considering we don’t walk her or bring her places… this is a large number.

-to see if I can find a doctor to release us from our previous family doctor’s care… if this happens, it will be a game of waiting and seeing if we can find some medical reason that might help us find the right tools for our DS in controlling his behaviour.

-for the day we take DS for his first full learning assessment.  We are talking all the bells and whistles so that we can, again, find the right methods and ways to help this child find some joy in learning.

Today we had our visit with a Psychiatrist regarding our son.  In some ways it was very validating.  It was nice to be told that we were doing a good job.  It was thrilling to have her come out so very supportive of my efforts to home school this child.  And she did some strategic planning with us to map out where we should go from here.

So at least some waiting is over!

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4 Responses to Waiting

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Waiting is very, very hard. Glad fro the good news you got while waiting.

  2. I hate waiting! I hope the neighbors cooperate and pay 1/2 that bill. I’m glad you got some encouraging news about Ds.

  3. Melanie says:

    Roberta, you’ve been busy!

    I hope you get all the answers you’re waiting for. 🙂

  4. celticmuse says:

    yes waiting is so very difficult but hopefully it will be very worth it. I’m very impressed with the Psychiatrist.

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