The Theme Abnormal

Continuing along the theme of Abnormal.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t mention here about the time two weeks ago when I took my son out for a training bike ride after having accompanied our daughter to organ lessons (she doesn’t ‘do’ piano).

About 3 kilometres into the trip I picked up this short (aprox. 1.25 inches, by two eights of an inch in diameter… not circumference) nail.  It punctured my rear tire in a snake bite fashion (two punctures).

I carried the bike to our church and managed, very inefficiently and inelegantly, to repair the holes.  The tire held upon inflation but let out the second I put weight on it.  The size of the holes were too big.  While I was trying to repair the holes, I gave son the nail and told him to throw it away.

Last night I went out to great a friend on our driveway in my new birthday gift slippers.  [Thanks Mom!]

I managed to step on said nail.  Trust me, its one that you’d remember, its a beast.

I only felt pain.  I lifted my foot looked and recognized the head of the nail, which was flush with the bottom of my slipper.  I figure the nail was a good 3/4’s of an inch in my foot.

So… last night saw me heading off to the hospital with said nail to get a tetanus shot.  Needless to say I wasn’t thrilled to learn that my last shot was 11 years ago.

It is my theory that the tetanus shot works because the pain it inflicts is infact greater than that received from the actual injury.  At least last night.  This morning my foot is infected and I’m thrilled about having to bike on this foot as the injury is right in the centre of the front of my foot in the fleshy part.  The part that has constant contact with the pedal!

Like I said, I don’t ‘do’ normal.  But thank the Lord he gives me all the strength I need to get what he wants me to get done each day.  He is my strength!

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3 Responses to The Theme Abnormal

  1. UGH! I’m sorry you were hurt. I know Ds heard about this! I can imagine the volume in our house after such an injury! I hope your foot heals quickly so you can still do your bike trip. (((Birdy)))

  2. Elaine says:

    I’m so sorry that you have had to endure such an injury. I am long over due for my tetanus shot, at the least so is my son so I really should take us all in to get updated. Hubby is good since his work accident back in 2002 and he got a shot so he’s good for 4 more years.

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