Sigh, I don’t DO normal…

Things have been very interesting around our house, busy as per usual, but as a friend I was speaking to at a dinner meeting last night said to me, “Roberta, you don’t get to DO anything normal, do you?”

Here’s the thing and its tearing me up something fierce. Our lovely little doggie, Bear, well… we likely can’t keep her. Its turning out that her German Shepherd genetics are turning her into a dog with a very bad tendency to go off randomly lunging, barking and attacking people, dogs, and things like feather dusters.  This list includes firemen, our dog trainer, our veterinarian, myself, and the list goes on.  There have been 21 attacks in 6 days.

You’d think you’d be able to manage a 29 lb dog, but when it took both you and the vet to control the dog and you’ve been warned never to take the dog out in public without a full cage mask… its looking very much like I’m not getting to keep my puppy.

Currently we are awaiting a consult of a very expensive Behavioural Veterinarian to see if there is hope of training this dog ourselves or if our situation with so many children present is too risky with such a dog.

This is not going over well with me. However, my son, who normally has the issues with this kind of thing, is surprisingly understanding.

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3 Responses to Sigh, I don’t DO normal…

  1. Bobbie says:

    That sucks about your puppy. I hope that you can modify his behaviour.

  2. I hope you are able to “cure” or control your puppies behavior.

  3. Elaine says:

    All the best in finding out if Bear can remain with your family or not.

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