Request for Appeal: The Adventure of the Sandbox

Welcome Most Esteemed Members of the Jury. The case I present to you today has all the evidence of being a classic Mommy Emergency. I ask that at the end of this case you take a moment and weigh in with your verdict in my son’s request for an appeal.

The events unfolded as follows:

It was late afternoon on a sunny, warm, hang your laundry outside day. The afternoon was filled with a cool refreshing breeze. The eldest, our son, had been invited to spend the afternoon with a family of boys riding their new to them go-cart down the nearby hills. He returned home with energy to spare.

The daughter did feel slightly cheated as the best ‘special’ thing that could be offered on a moments notice was a phone call to her dearest and bestest friend in the whole world or at least in Stratford.

It was during the phone call that the first crime was perpetuated. The son reached over and right before his mother’s eyes did wilfully and with intention press the button and prematurely terminated such ‘special’ phone call that his sister was in process of having.

The punishment of perpetual banishment to one’s room was served and the daughter allowed to make a second phone call.

After which time the daughter did request if she might go play in the sandbox. Permission was granted.

Then passed an indeterminate amount of time, to best estimation no less than 30 minutes but not in excess of 60 minutes.

The son then did request and was granted permission to exit his time of perpetual banishment and join his sister in the aforementioned sandbox.

It must now be noted that mother forgot to utter the usual clause that time spent in outdoor recreation will be immediately terminated upon extreme noise, rowdiness, or excessive sibling complaints.

A second amount of time did then pass, in estimation less than 5 minutes.

At which point mother went outside to be greeted with the following uproarious onslaught summarized as tersely as possible below:

Daughter: He put sand down my BACK and is bothering me!!! He infuriates me!!!

Son: I did not, she won’t play my game, we always play her game, she’s lying!!!

Evidence: sand on daughter’s head, in her hair and on her neck. Forensic mother didn’t care to check if sand was under her t-shirt.

Daughter is now playing in back yard alone.
Son is now in perpetual banishment to his room.

My son feels that my prior ruling on the ‘phone call issue’ has clouded my better judgement and feels he has reason to request an appeal. As father is in horizontal position and we all know it best not to ask his opinion when he is in such state of repose, I hearby request your assistance in this matter of extreme urgency… to my son. πŸ˜‰

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5 Responses to Request for Appeal: The Adventure of the Sandbox

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Lol! That is so funny! Opps! (clearing throat)

    After careful consideration of the evidence I feel inclined to suggest that we vote to uphold the judgement and punishment prescribed. πŸ™‚ Sorry son. πŸ™‚

  2. Bobbie says:

    Sorry, I am crackin up over here.

    After examining all the evidence. Sand in hair and neck, I say that the judgement is correct and airtight and not up for appeal. So ye signed and documented.

    Sorry little dude, I say you do the crime you do the time. While you are in there think about the situation and what you could have done to avoid this judgement. Then go hug your sister and tell her how much you love her.

    Sorry, I am on loopy medicine.

  3. Elaine says:

    I too hold that the judgement passed was fair and equitable. I do not see the the first judge’s judgment was clouded in the second case by the first case. I also find that that the defendant should be spending time contemplating his actions which cause the punishment. He should also think on what actions would have been better to do and resolve to do them instead the next time. I also find that the next request to do something special with friends will be denied – sorry but that happens around here.

    The defendant must learn that a family is not a democracy but a benevolent monarchy, with the Queen/Mom at the heart but the King usually rules over all.

    And the Hammer falls.

  4. I have considered the evidence as stated in the case notes and have determined that the judge was executing fair and equitable treatment to all involved. I would also uphold the judges decision and determine the punishment to be fair.

  5. dreamom says:

    As a Special Judge in this esteemed court of appeal I would also like to bring to the attention of my esteemed colleague’s the fact that in addition to the evidence being accepted as admissible, and as we see no act of the judge being biased that there seems to be no grounds for an appeal. I should like to pass on to the accused that as a repeat offender he should be careful when he chooses to bring things to the appellate court as to not have the sentence further increased in an effort to raise the level of punishment up to the level of those seen in some of our local cases.

    Court adjourned. All rise.

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