My 8 year old son and I have decided to undertake a special fundraising event. Partially to give us something to focus on during our grief and to give him and I something special to work toward.

Eric and I love to bike. We love to bike far. So we’ve decided to bike from Grand Bend, Ontario to London, Ontario on behalf of the MS Society of Canada. The money we raise will help fund research. We will be riding as part of a team. Our team consists of members of our church denomination from all over Ontario.

Eric and I each need to raise a minimum of $200. We would appreciate any and all help possible. We each have a page on-line for on-line donations.

It is likely that Eric will be the youngest independent rider on this tour. Eric is too big to ride comfortably on a ‘trailer’ bike and, besides, refuses to do this attached to Mom. We’ve begun training and according to the folks at our favourite local bike store we should have no trouble completing this event.

The trip consists of two days and 150 kilometres. It is a good distance. The route is well supported and there is more information available on our MS webpages.

Pray for us that we’ll have the ability to do this. We were told that we are physically able but that its going to be a huge psychological event for both of us!

Roberta’s Page

Eric’s Page

CRC Loose Spokes – our team’s page

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One Response to Announcement:

  1. celticmuse says:

    Wow!! What a great idea, will be praying for your success.

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