In regards to my Oma

Just a brief update.

I still pick up every phone call with a sense of caution. Oma is still expected to pass on. If it were her will she’d have been with Jesus and her husband long ago.

Yesterday my father said that he saw her Saturday night briefly. She is on constant morphine and has about 1 cup of liquid a day. He said that she looks about the size of my daughter.

Sunday was spent celebrating my Aunt’s baptism and my father prayed for my Aunt while she was ‘in the tank.’ Sorry if I’ve used the wrong words, in my tradition we baptize infants, so I’m off as to the common language.

Dad was thrilled to pray for my Aunt, but I could hear age and pain on his voice. It seems that every day has moments where you are celebrating life and then reminded with pain that shortly we’ll say good bye to Oma for good.

The biggest concern is that there is the possibility that as her body continues to dehydrate and she shrinks in muscle mass and size that she will experience moments of her heart racing. The nurses warned us that this will likely happen and be the cause of her death. She will likely bolt upright in bed in pain as what she will be experiencing is basically a heart attack. The pain, we are told, will be extreme.

So please pray that she may not suffer this common result of her body failing in this manner. Ask that God take her gently and in His time. Please pray for the family. This is a stressful way to witness death.

My children have been to see Oma and the shock of how she looked was very hard but they now really understand where she wishes to be. My husband fell apart completely, but my Uncles and Father were there and they comforted him and I think he has peace. I learned that my husband was not allowed to see his Grandmother on her deathbed and was quite sheltered by his parents during her funeral and such. It is my belief that this is directly relating to why my husband is not doing so well with my Oma’s passing. Again, I am okay. There are definite moments of sadness but again and again I am reminded about this woman’s witness and why I choose to name my daughter after such a wonderful and amazing woman!


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4 Responses to In regards to my Oma

  1. Jacqueline says:

    I can so relate to what you are going through. Praying for your family.

  2. Elaine says:

    Precious Lord Jesus,
    We come to you at this time of sadness as this family wait for their beloved Oma to go home to be with You. We ask that you would comfort the family, that they would rejoice in her being set free from all the chains that bind us on this earth that she will soon experience the joy of dancing in Heaven and sitting at Your feet to worship You, her Savior and King.

    We ask that Your loving and merciful hand would take her in peace and with out pain. May her going home be a time of joy for her family that they be spared the agony of watching her suffer.

    We ask the Your will would be done and that Glory be given to You for what will happen.

  3. Amen!

    Praying for your family & your Oma. (((Birdy)))

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