Dental Floss School

Today was a day of Dental Floss School.  One of those days where you spend your time pulling ‘it’ through their teeth as they howl and whimper in pain and protest at every page.

I think the stress of every thing else is just feeding through me and out onto them.

Tonight I received a phone call to carpool with two local homeschool families down to a Medieval Festival.  Its a 4 hour round trip drive but I’m willing to take a day off.


Going to go pick that last strand out of my teeth!

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One Response to Dental Floss School

  1. appliejuice says:

    I’m sorry about your day. I won’t go on a homeschool field trip, if it is more than an hours drive away. I feel anything longer than that should be for the family to take. That way I can take a nap, while the husband drives. 😆

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