Phone Calls

Sigh,  our phone keeps ringing and it is driving me nuts!  Especially because I expect it to be regarding my Oma…

Just be glad that you haven’t received the following phone calls today:

-collection agency stating that they work for Canada Tax and Revenue Agency (equivalent to IRS) regarding my student loans.  So I spend over 30 minutes on the phone with her.

-in disgust I call the individual we’ve hired to negotiate on our student loans.  They have me do a reverse search on the phone number’s given by the CTRA agent.  One does check back to a CTRA website.  The other is to a numbered Ontario number.  Discovery:  I’ve been duped by a collections agent and now have to file new affidavits so that they will again speak with the gentleman we’ve hired.  Still am dealing with doubts about our guy but a search with two agencies does not give me evidence to switch to someone else.  Praying to God that we’ve got the right people here!

-deal with a second call from CTRA ‘agent.’

-make second call to our representative.

-get a third call from our representative.

-get phone call from my Aunt.  Short but pleasant.

-call our lawyer regarding the neighbour fence issue.  Have to convince neighbours to ‘wait’ on fence because they are encroaching on our property by 3 feet.  If they don’t it could get worse.

-get call from another collections agency regarding husband’s federal student loan.  They now want a sworn affidavit from a Notary.  Their requirement is that both us and our representative are present at the notaries office.  We can’t meet that requirement.

-call our representative, turns out that this is a new law… and we are kind of stuck!  GRR!  So now I have to locate a Notary and figure this out.  There may be options open to us but… we are on another monkey trail.  Which is dumb because if the company would actually ‘talk’ they’d find we want to reach a settlement.  But perhaps frustrating us is in their best interest!

-receive phone call from the lawyer in the lawsuit case.  Just an information call, but I’m in tears.

So I left the house and went to Two Rivers to look into work on some of my responsibilities as board member of that group.

It’s 1 p.m. and I’ve already had too much today.  Seriously, I wonder every time the phone rings right now and it is ringing a lot!

I’m stressed.

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2 Responses to Phone Calls

  1. I’m sorry you are dealing with all of these issues at one time, as well as the stress of your Oma’s passing. (((Birdy)))

  2. celticmuse says:

    I’m so sorry, this is a great deal of ‘stuff’ to be dealing with right now.

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