Tim’s Mom’s Meme (A Visit to our House)

I was tagged by Mama Squirel at Dewey’s Treehouse to complete this meme created by Tim’s Mom who blogs at Bona Vita Rusticanda Est.

Tim’s Mom writes:
“People who visit us get a taste of who we are, what we’re into, and what we’re like. I notice that my kids tend to show new visitors the same computer things they like, or play music for them that they love that our guests have probably never heard, and offer the same snacks.Since there are lots of people I know via the internet who may never get the chance to visit us, I thought I’d offer a virtual glimpse of a visit to our house.”

If you came to our house–You would see: Kids jumping up and down, we really like company here. Then you’d enter our enclosed porch which is always messy with our shoes, bike trailer, dog crate and coats to one side and my sewing machines and mending on the other. Directly in front is a glass door which leads to our main living room. If its tidy, great! If not, you can come in anyways!

We’d probably feed you: Oh boy, well, okay if you called in advance I’d make you fresh cake or cookies or something yummy like that except lately it will likely be sugar-free or fat-free. But I won’t tell you until you say you like it. If not, you’d likely get something but it could be something strange like apples and whipping cream.

And offer you this to drink: We’ll always offer coffee, or your choice of a selection of teas, home-made lemonade, or water.

We’d undoubtedly ask if you’d read: Like Mama Squirrel this isn’t something we typically ask. But if we were talking kids books I’d ask if you’d read King in the Window, #2 would ask if you read the Powderpuff girls (nice librarian told her it doesn’t matter what she reads!), and #1 would ask if your mother forces you to read too! Hubby might ask if you’d read any Rutherford and I might likely mention Elizabeth Peters if we were talking books strictly read for pleasure.

We’d want to play this music for you: Oh, more than likely Veggie Tales, either Christian Music Hits or Veggie Rocks. Perhaps Michael Card or Chris Rice. Dh & #1 would mention Vinyl Cafe and pop up a podcast for you to listen too. That or we’d recite along to a Robert Munsch recording.

We’d want to tell you the latest about: our pets, our lawsuit, our renovations, Dh would talk about work, the kids would tell you about biking, …. well we’d let you talk too!

We’d probably suggest a game of: hmm, likely Harvest Time or Snowbound. Sometimes it could be Sorry or Twister. More likely we’d try to take you canoing or biking, at the least for a walk down the trails.

We might show off: our new bedroom furniture (anniversary gift), our funky basement trapdoor, our dog, and for the kids any one of their current collections.

We might get on the computer and show you: sigh, our Webkinz’s home… mines currently at 17 themed rooms… that and the Webkinz we wish we had! If we happened to be talking about something I’d likely have an applicable website to show you too… but if there was no prompting you’d likely be looking at Webkinz… 😦

If it was a long enough visit, we might watch: If you’re a kid, Scooby Doo. If you’re an adult, perhaps RV with Robin Williams, or a MacGuyver Episode from one of my season’s collections, Holmes on Homes or Mythbusters (if you’re a friend of Dh’s).

Oh–and if I have to tag some other bloggers?
Elaine, Appliejuice, Queen of Carrots, Celticmuse, Jaqueline. Oh, and Ginger too, if you have the time! And I’d love to know what Desia would do if I were to come over!

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5 Responses to Tim’s Mom’s Meme (A Visit to our House)

  1. gingerporter says:

    Oh dear….I still want to come visit you. I have two of these to do….I need to get busy this weekend. Thank you for tagging me…. 🙂 Based on what you wrote we would have a fun visit… 🙂

  2. Elaine says:

    It sounds like it would be fun to visit you!!

    Let me think about this and I’ll blog this weekend.

  3. appliejuice says:

    I did mine and it will show up on the 29th. 🙂 I think everyone would have a boring visit at my house. 😀

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