For the Love of Bear

For the Love of Bear

Originally uploaded by Birdy V

As promised, here is a great picture of our new dog. I think you can see from this glimpse that our little bear is doing well in helping my son over his fear of dogs!

Bear is settling in really well. Even Nick, our cat, seems to be softening up.

Currently the cat is sitting on my lap and the dog is curled up on his gray bed at my feet.

Bear did excellently in her cage. She whined after about 20 minutes and it was getting progressively louder. So I went out to her and calmed her down through the bars of the cage. I noticed she was not impressed with her dogie bed in the cage. So I removed it. Very quickly she calmed down. When I left after a few minutes she didn’t make another sound all night.

In fact, I’ve only heard her make a sound one other time. And that was last night walking her on the trails. She gave a half bark – whimper at a dog slightly bigger than she. This is something that really pleases me as I find vocal dogs give me migraines!

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One Response to For the Love of Bear

  1. Elaine says:

    Looks like a very sweet dog 🙂

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