The Quest for Health and Fitness

I know that health and fitness is a perennial quest in our society, perhaps boarding on obsession for many, however I feel that for most of us it isn’t a quest that results in action.

The trends toward wearing fitness clothing, collecting fitness gear, and the money spent in research and development to find us better tools to track, gauge and enhance our fitness are all singularly good but not the best use of our collective funds.

I know that my current personal fitness drive has cost my family in the financial area. However it has reaped benefits in the family dynamic. My husband now actually has to spend a set period of time daily with the children. I find this ironic because this was something for which I wished.

I would beg and plead with him to set a specific daily time that he’d wake up and then spend at least 30 minutes daily with the children. I wanted it to be set in an appointment kind of way.

He didn’t refuse but his actions showed me that this was simply not his priority.

It is to me then highly ironic that his ‘fat phobia’ has him bending over backwards wanting to assist me as I try to work off the excess pounds. On the three mornings a week I go to Curves, he spends at least 1 hour with the children. On the other times I go out and do other exercises, he spends time with the children.

So that is a blessing.

I’m still working on my issues with spending money on this goal when I know the very same money could be put to excellent use in third world countries by the very agency my father was previously employed.

I struggle to find balance between the thought that my fitness goal is a matter of honouring the body and temple that God has placed in my care and my realization that there are some cheaper ways to accomplish this goals and put more of our funds toward other more significant causes.

I struggle with my nature because I know in the past I have stopped working on my personal fitness goals because without purchasing some of the tools I’ve bought this time I found it too frustrating. I then question myself and ask if it is self-interest or some fault that I should be able to place in God’s hands and conquer without materialistic tools.

I have to say I do have a certain amount of disgust as to how much money this society wastes on diets and fitness paraphernalia when we could simply funnel that money better and create a healthier world. In effect achieving the very personal goal for millions!

Anyhow, its time to go and cook my hubby dinner as he’s going to work for 3 p.m. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject!

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4 Responses to The Quest for Health and Fitness

  1. Jacqueline says:

    I keep saying I’m going to work on health and fitness and then I keep finding excuses for not doing it – I don’t have the right equipment, I can’t get the time, we don’t have the money, etc. It’s something I do really need to do, though, and while it does take time, it doesn’t take a whole lot and it doesn’t necessarily have to take a lot of money. Even if I’d just get out a walk every day, that would be great, but actually doing it is the problem.

  2. appliejuice says:

    Interesting read. I hadn’t really thought of spending excess money on our health habits, or lact of. I have thought that spending money at a gym was not a good thing, because I would end up not going. LOL Anyhoo, your post is something to think about. 🙂

  3. Elaine says:

    One thing that I’ve been reminded of when I consider what the money I’m spending on myself getting into better shape/health is that I am God’s Temple. I have to begin at home, cleaning things up and making things appropriate for Him. My body should be His to use as He needs but how can he do it when my body is in such bad condition that it can’t do anything?

    He helps me to get up and doing what He wants me to do and that allows me to testify that it is Him working in me to do His work.

    Did that make any sense?

  4. Len Saunders says:

    Enjoyed the article. So true about the costs of fitness gear and such. Years ago, never would worry about what I wore to exercise, but now it is trendy.

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