A Momentous Day!

While today is not typical of our activities, it isn’t unusual to have one day like this a week.

Let me preface our momentous event by stating that our daughter, age 6, has been slow in learning to ride her bike. We’ve had many, many hours spent in attempting to learn, attempting to assist, and ultimately attempting to avoid frustration over this bike riding thing.

This spring she decided that “THIS is the YEAR!” Once the rest of her family clued into what she was referring too, we got excited. Perhaps this would be the year that Mom and the kids would be able to fly with the freedom of our bikes. Being a single car family the very idea was tantalizing.

However, while she determinedly peddled her one training wheel bike up the big hills of Guelph it seemed she would never loose her perpetual tilt to the side. That training wheel crutch was not going away. And past experience led both my husband and I to leave that wheel firmly attached!

So, lets see on to the day. Well, the husband had to switch back to working nights after having worked days all week. I was a lot more than sad about this subject.

But it allowed me to get out to Curves early in the morning. Having foolishly put a temperature cap to my biking one day, I felt obligated to bike to Curves because it was 10 degrees C after all!

Upon arriving home I looked over the the box of library books. Sadly way over due because it rained two weeks in a row on our customary “bike to the library” day, a.k.a. Monday. But I quickly realized that since we no longer have to provide after school care on Friday we could return the over due books.

So we quickly did some ‘school work’ trying to keep up appearances.

Then I packed up our WIKE City Shopper with library books, bike head lamp that didn’t work from the get go, and various other down town things. I decided we’d stop by the Speed River Cycle and see if I couldn’t pick up the part for husband’s bike and try and fix it myself.

At 11 a.m. we left. We stopped at Subway for some cold cut meats and to brace ourselves for the climb up the big hill. One of the advantages to living at the bottom of the hill is that it is almost always down hill going home.

We got to Speed River. No luck doing the part myself. Lots of luck with the head lamp and daughter’s water bottle cage of which I sheared off the bolts holding it to her frame. I also caved and finally bought some of those stainless steel water bottles. The thing about the whole ‘leeching’ business is that it happens more when plastic is heated, and our water bottles on our bikes do get ‘heated.’

Now here occurred the momentous event! Our daughter had her training wheel removed! And low and behold she got on and rode! YAY!

This, of course, called for more biking.

Off to the library. $32 of fines later, plus purchasing of some proper library bags we were ready to head home. It is my hope that designated library bags will ensure that we’ll have few fines next time. Otherwise I’ve just really helped the fundraising for building of the new main city library branch. Which, to be honest, isn’t the worst spending of my money!

We then cycled home. We made sure to yell a passing hello to Mr. Hot Dog. He’s our favourite vendor and when he suffered a heart attack this spring we actually got a search going until someone could contact him and find out why he wasn’t at his ‘spot.’

We arrived home at 2 p.m. The idea was to adjust my husband’s bike and ride it back to the shop with the kids on their bikes. But husband was up because he had just received a phone call that our taxes had been prepared and we were to go and sign the paperwork. So he decided that we’d all go and bike back to Speed River Cycle and get his part and then continue on down to the tax preparation office and sign the paper work and off to home.

So we got right back on the bikes and away we rode. We did actually also stop and buy salad ingredients for a dinner we’d been invited to tonight. At which point my husband informed me he’d decided to forgo the dinner out and go to work early instead. This meant that the children and I had to bike off to the friend’s house!

We then returned home at 4 p.m. We didn’t need to get to our dinner date until 5:30 p.m. at the latest. So I insisted we all go inside and rest for a little bit.

We then left at 4:45 p.m. and made it to our friends house in 17 minutes! What a thrill! having that training wheel off means all sorts of wonderful for us! Oh, and the distance is just under 5 kms.

And to cap it all off, after dinner my friend and I went out shopping. I managed to find two very nice jackets at Tall Girl. Now I won’t have to wear my husband’s 6′ 8″ jackets. And this should give you some indication why I couldn’t find suitable garments second hand.

But we got back to her place and it was fairly dark. So the children and I got to experience another new thing, biking in the dark! Thankfully my friend could supply my children with electric reflectors and an extra head lamp. And I was thrilled that I did actually get mine replaced this morning.

Either way, we’ve easily biked over 20 kms/12 miles today! Not a bad feat for a 6 year old girl who decided to loose her training wheel! 🙂

I’m going to say, this momma and her kids are going to fly with those bikes this summer! Not to mention we’ve already planned a bike camping trip!

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2 Responses to A Momentous Day!

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Congrats to your daughter!

  2. Elaine says:

    That is wonderful!

    I truly wish that we had better trails to ride on here for biking. As it is I need to buy a rack for my Explorer so that I can drive us to appropriate places to ride. I should post a picture or two of the trails near my house so everyone will understand why we don’t do much biking.

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