In Anticipation

Being that this coming weekend is Mother’s Day I am anticipating those conversations that end up happening time and time again when you get together with family.

Given my mood today, I thought it best to write off a little steam today. If not, I’m sure I’ll let something fly. True, the person to whom I would address the following comments might not catch what I am saying however they would get my general tone of voice. Hence it best to clear the air here and keep things nice and civil-like there… Don’t you love family gatherings?

“Yes dear ……., while I respect your thoughts that people’s constant whining about not enough money is through their own fault and lack of ability to manage such finances, I strongly feel that if those persons were wealthy enough to never have experienced such circumstances that they too would feel just like you and be just a vocal about their convictions about other people’s financial abilities being purely at fault of the individual.

To me, a conviction is something easily held when money is not an issue. For example, it is well enough to be environmentally inclined. Even more admirable when the choice involves personal sacrifice. But I’d never dare to insult someone who is making the choice between feeding their family or their conviction by calling them weak whatever their choice! Having truly been and am still in the situation where I must sometimes choose, I respect them completely. I cannot judge them to say it was wrong for them to choose their conviction and as a result give their family second best, nor will I say the opposite in the times when they choose family over conviction.

Nor will I convict someone who, perhaps chooses to spend money on friends or to save face/pride, because sometimes there is a point where you choose to spend unwisely to continue on in the face of what seems to be a never ending financial quagmire.

I do believe that one must be a good steward of their own monies. I do believe that there are times when others could choose more wisely. I also believe that the best place to fix that is at home in my house. Were that I could always choose to manage my finances in a Godly way, because then I could likely do much to help them in their circumstances.

So I tell you point blank… take your own pompous and pious talk elsewhere because right now, I’d like to give you a good what’s for!”

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2 Responses to In Anticipation

  1. Desia says:

    Hopefully the letting-off-steam here will help with the coming family dinner!
    It’s so easy to judge the way others handle their finances, I’m looking at my son and his fiancee (they’re getting married next Saturday) and hope that I will be able to just zip up and not criticise if the “need to” arises in future.

  2. gingerporter says:

    Are you the one getting criticized? Or is it just the frustration of people who have the money but are poor stewards and it is frustrating listening to them complain? I can see how that would be frustrating. Hopefully getting it off your chest here will help….I’m sorry.

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