Shopping Cart Envy

First there was the post on Like Merchant Ship’s that addressed the Thrift Store Nemesis.  This prompted Queen of Carrots to write about her Play Ground Nemesis.  These both got me to thinking about my idiosyncrasy…  Shopping Cart Envy.

Back in the early days of my marriage, I’d head out for groceries.  Only I’d make sure to head out at very odd times in the hope that I wouldn’t bump into ‘anyone.’  Why?  Well, let me tell you the contents of my cart weren’t full of items of which I was proud.  True, we were university students however I was the Cook for the Universities once weekly mass supper.

Since the University had the dorms set up as town-houses, the vast portion of a student’s meals were to be cooked in the town-house kitchen.  Once a week a large well balanced, very nutritious meal was cooked and served to the housing students.  I was the cook.

I didn’t choose the menu but I cooked it and as far as mass cooking went… it was okay.  It irked me to no end that I wasn’t allowed to ‘use spices.’  After all, some one might potentially not want to eat the food if there were spices other than salt in the food!

Plus, I had a huge reputation on campus for being an amazing cook in my dorm.  On nights I cooked we almost always had additional guests.  Some how the posted ‘Who’s cooking’ Schedule wasn’t to my benefit but I did love cooking.

So I was embarrassed about my junk food carts.  I’d often startle myself because I realized that I was checking the contents of everyone else’s carts.  If they had similar carts, I’d be a little more willing to walk down the same aisle, but otherwise I’d beat a wide path.

Then I slowly add the children to the mix.  Often I’d use the diaper bag and diaper purchases to hide my atrocious purchase habits.  I still didn’t buy many vegetables fresh because they almost always ended up in the trash before I could figure out how to use them!

After our daughter’s birth I suffered some medical issues.  Hoping to get out of the house I started selling Tupperware.  Well, those Fridge-smart containers!  That helped me a lot.  Now only about 1/2 of my produce ended up rotting before I cooked it! 😆

About a year after that I started the G.I. Diet… well, that was the start of the solution to my Shopping Cart Envy.  Now I was buying vegetables and using about 3/4’s of them before they’d go bad.

There was the stint with the Menu-Mailer.  This was an awesome time and I loved the Menu-Mailer.  But my ultra-picky and finicky husband meant that I eventually left this program.  During the time I stuck with the Menu-Mailer I loved grocery shopping and cooking.  Afterwards I managed to keep up fairly well with the whole thing doing all the planning work myself.

Truthfully the solution was an issue of planning.  Even still I hate the amount of time it takes to plan out a well constructed menu and shopping list.  Right now I operate more with a stable pantry and vegetable stock in my fridge and I do pretty good.  I do manage to eat most of my vegetables and I must say that the amount we eat has grown exponentially from my early married years.  So that’s great!

Naturally, now my Shopping Cart Envy Issues centre around organically grown and environmentally friendly choices… and the percentage of these items in the cart! 😆 !!!

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4 Responses to Shopping Cart Envy

  1. appliejuice says:

    So, what exactly DID you buy during those first years? Twinkies? Ho-Hos? Little Debbies? LOL Love the post. I wonder what my nemesis is. Probably chocolatechic.

  2. I have to agree with you, menu planning is a chore! I might have to try the menu mailer.

  3. songbirdy says:

    Well I really would rather not say, but I had a hard time cooking for two. After all when you are used to cooking for 200! 😆

    Most of my cart was full of stuff like Hamburger Helper, frozen dinners, the customary dozen bags of chips, cases of pop and so forth!

    Which would make me the greatest hypocrite as I was advocating healthy eating!

  4. gingerporter says:

    I have the newest thing for keeping veggies. I was very sceptical at first but the things really do work.

    They are the Green Veggie Bags by Debbie Meyers. How do I know they work…? I have had fresh strawberries in these bags for 2 weeks now. They have not rotted,wilted,molded and are still as firm and sweet as the day I bought them. I can now keep the bags of salad in the fridge…you know the ones that as soon as you open them they are mush the next day? Yep…I can actually keep a bag of salad for a week…..If you can’t get them in your neck of the woods let me know…I will send you some to try ….great science experiment for the kids…..That’s how we tested them to see how well they work….

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