Since I don’t believe in luck…

So here’s the thing… I don’t believe in luck.  I believe we live in a world in which nothing happens out of coincidence but is the doing of a God who creates order and works in all things for his purpose and will.  I do believe that God doesn’t legislate our every move but that he desires each of us to have freedom of choice and purpose but that we’d be happiest if we try to mold our desires and purposes to those that He created and designed us to fill.

How then do I interpret this amazing 8 year repeated pattern?

Let me explain the situation.  It has to do with packing away our winter clothes.  The first spring after our son’s birth I eagerly washed and packed away his winter clothes and suits and gave them to my sister-in-law who was expecting my first nephew (or at the time it could have been a niece but I know better now).

The following week we had a massive snowstorm.  I looked a little bit silly trying to transport our son in oodles of blankets and such because I had given every stitch of winter clothing to my sister-in-law!

The next year I waited what I considered to be an extra long amount of time and then shipped the clothes less one set off to my sister-in-law.

Again, following weekend, snow storm.

The next year I was able to ship the clothes to my sister-in-law from both my daughter and my son.  Again, I waited and again… snow storm.

The following year I didn’t give her the clothes but I packed them up and put them in the attic.  Shut the trap door to the attic and there was snowfall by bedtime.

The next year I sent her the clothes about 2 months after the previous years last snowfall.  At this point I’ve made a hobby in tracking last snowfall dates.  I actually scrapbooked the previous years attempt at thwarting the snow.  Freakishly, we had a killer frost the following week.

So at this point I’ve had five years in a row of something that I can’t call luck or coincidence when I pack away our winter clothes.

The next year I never packed away the clothes and oddly enough the last snowfall was in February and the last frost in March with an early warm period.

Last year I was packing for moving and could careless.  The majority of the winter clothes were passed on early for my habits and we spent several weeks needing to wash our clothes every other day.  Naturally the children would go through the 4 sets of clothes in 2 days and we had cold weather for quite sometime.  But the whole moving saga was of such a nature that I really could careless about the clothes.

This year… well… we’ve just had two weeks of summer temperatures.  The last snow melted away last month.

This weekend I washed and packed away all our winter clothes less 4 pairs of pants for each child, the fall/spring jackets, 2 sweaters per individual in the family, and a couple of long sleeve shirts.  Since we are very busy in the summer nights I wanted to make sure we’d have enough items of clothes to keep us warm.

I log onto the computer this morning to find snow predicted for Wednesday.

So help me out here… what is God trying to tell me?

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4 Responses to Since I don’t believe in luck…

  1. Jacqueline says:

    LOL! Maybe He just likes toying with you. 🙂

  2. cubegirl says:

    God is trying to tell you to move to the Antarctic — where’s it’s all winter, all the time.

    Either that, or you need to be more of a packrat. Keep stuff one extra year 🙂

  3. Birdie says:

    I’m not sure what G-d might be trying to say to you, but I cannot help but wonder if your local weather man/men might start stalking your winter clothing storage habits in an effort to forecast the weather more accurately! 😉

  4. gingerporter says:

    I think you should mark on the calendar when you are going to pack your clothes up…or when you want to. Then add at least two weeks for that unexpected snow that seems to follow your packing habits. That was really cute though……Maybe you are in the wrong job….

    You should take over for Puxatawney Phil in predicting how long winter will last.

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