Husband is Supportive

Its been a little hectic getting things set up for this diet launch.  Its kind of funny because this is my second time on the diet.  Really, its a eating style change more than anything.  I did follow it for years and it worked great but moving here saw me straying.

Anyhow, I sat here planning over the past few weeks and was overwhelmed with how much more supportive my husband is regarding my proposed changes this time.

He is still a bit iffy regarding the food.  Some of it does go into things he doesn’t like.  However I told him that any complaints he has are to be held back and not voiced in front of the children.

My children are enthusiastic about the foods.  I took a thought written in one of the books regarding this diet and made them each a promise.  They had to try each food a minimum of 15 times at different but at successive meal the food item was served.  If they did and ate the food as given to them, I would then allow them to not have that food item the next time it was served.

So far Number 1 is at serving 2 of fresh tomatoes and still hating them.

Number 2 is less than enthused about a variety of things but has yet to decide she wants to 15 count something out of her diet.

My husband is very enthusiastic.

I made a Bean and Onion pizza for me for our weekly pizza night.  He just raved and raved about it.  My kids… well lets just say I pulled it out of the oven and we all ate from that pizza.  I really enjoyed it and do look forward to having it again.

But in general, the husband has been great and I just wanted to put out a public thank you!

He hasn’t coughed, sputtered or made gagging sounds at the food; which he did the last time.  He hasn’t complained too much about the starting costs.  He did encourage and actually proposed that I take a membership to Curves.  He promiesed that I can go tri-weekly to Curves.  I took out an insurance plan on this by buying a 1 year membership immediately.  I figure his loath to ‘waste’ will work best here!

And today when I ran my first incentive plan by him he approved of my idea.  So yay!  Thank you!

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6 Responses to Husband is Supportive

  1. teresab01 says:

    DH deserves a hug, I am so glad he’s supporting you. Thats huge, I know.

  2. I’m glad Dh is supporting your efforts. What diet are you doing?

  3. Never mind…I had been over to your “Sisters” blog yesterday before you posted the diet info…

  4. Elaine says:

    I’m so glad the hubby is being supportive. It makes it really hard when the whole family is against your decision to be healthier. I’m glad that you took out your insurance plan 😆

  5. Bobbie says:

    Woo hoo hubby needs a great big hug for that! It is just so much easier when all are on board. Kudoos to hubby.

  6. lovingewe says:

    Glad your husband is supportive too. It makes it easier to plan menus and what everyone is going to have and you too can stay on track.
    Good for you. Happy spring walking too.

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