The Goings On

Well, its sure been a long time for me since I’ve posted.  Its a case of a lot going on and yet, not always something I wanted to or should blog about.

Generally speaking, life has been great around here.  Very busy and the home is suffering for some of the inattention.   But I can’t complain, after all there is some truth to the adage regarding, “What will I remember when I die?  The hours spend cleaning or the time spent living?”

In general, I am glad to finally feel and see a change in the season.  I didn’t get thoroughly fed up with winter like I do sometimes.  I actually was in pretty good humour about the entire season this year, which is great since it was a particularly winterly winter.  But I can’t say it enough, I love the increasing frequency of sunny days.  I love that the snow is starting to thaw.  At least, I tell myself that as I have to wade through puddles of snowy, slushy, ice-cold water.

Rather than sit and type about all the goings on, I thought I’d share that with this coming season there are personal changes going on in this home.

My friend, Sarah, and I are undergoing a big “life-style” change and starting the G.I. Diet this coming Monday.  This has been several weeks in the works.  This week, in particular, has been one of heavy planning for me.  Lots of reading, lots of meal planning, lots of shopping, lots of recipes to peruse and study, and for today, lots of meal preparation for the coming week.

This is the diet I was on last time and it really works amazingly well for myself.  I am hoping it works just as well for Sarah.  We’ve been kind of cheating and this past week both she and I have been introducing various changes.  Less caffeine, that hurt right away; less sugar, I was somewhat okay with that; more vegetables, again not so concerned; oh, and a new kitchen appliance, definitely enjoying this one!

I’ve decided to follow the diet for the next two weeks as outlined in The GI Diet Clinic.  This means that I’m committing to several things that leave me going… uh… uh… uh… I have to eat that?  So I’m steeling myself for the expected reactions of the children.  I firmly told the Husband that quick-inhalations of breath, shudders and groans are not going to be accepted responses at the dinner table and such behaviours would result in him going without.  😆  To test his steel, I showed him the olives I bought… he didn’t pass the test!

Another change is the fact that I’ve joined Curves.  Several weeks ago my husband tried to ask me as gently as he could if I wanted to join Curves.

The last time I dieted and lost the volumes of weight, I felt at the end that I really needed to get out to an exercise program.  Having been on the diet for so long, I was really plateaued.  Husband was not at all supportive.  He wasn’t even supportive of the diet.  Especially when it required expenditure to keep me clothed since I no longer fit my clothes.  At least this time I know he’s more supportive.

Well, I’ve been sitting here long enough.  My friend and I are going to start up an anonymous blog together, here on WordPress, to chronicle our journey.  We aren’t just working on diet, there are lots of other area’s we are targeting as well.  I’ll link up here but ask that if you do go and visit that blog that you leave my pertinent names here.

Its time for me to go off to the kitchen again.  I’ve got to do some dishes, bake some muffins, put on some dough for tonight’s pizza night, and then I’ve got sewing work todo!

Ta Ta!

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One Response to The Goings On

  1. Elaine says:

    I can do that.

    All the best to you as you strive to lose weight and get healthy.

    I signed up my family for gym membership here and all but the girl are seeing results. I’ve lost 6#, hubby is liking how he’s feeling after a good workout and the boy is starting to get some serious muscle – had to convince him that he’s not there to lose weight but to gain muscle.

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