Seven Weird Things

Here are the rules:

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  • Post the rules on your blog.

  • Post 7 random or weird facts about yourself on your blog.

  • Tag 7 people and link to them…or less if you would like.

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Okay, I’ve been thinking on this for awhile, ever since Ginger at Growing a Godly Family tagged me with this meme.

My List:

1/ It has taken me a whole lot of time to come up with this list. Is it not weird that I have spent days and days trying to come up with a list? Adding items and then deleting them because… “um, no, well that’s not quite weird… well it might be weird to some one else, but its quite normal to me…” And so on.

2/ When in delivery I do not show signs of being in labour. Now I’ve only delivered a child twice, but both times they attempted to send me home because I was not in labour. The first time I actually went home. The second time I refused to leave. Then I’d go from “not being in labour” and them finally realizing that I was ready to deliver and have the baby with in 20 minutes for the first and 7 minutes for the second. While my medical records don’t record those hours that I knew I was in labour, I definitely count those hours! [admittedly that last sentence is in no way weird]

3/ I frequently catch myself in the act of putting unusual items in the fridge. I’m not saying they end up in the fridge, I catch myself as they are on the way into the fridge. TV with a side of chilled remote, anyone?

4/ While I still do loose my glasses, I don’t loose them as often. a) my children have finally understood that while Mommy’s glasses may be in an odd spot, Mommy remembers she put them there and when you move them Mommy looses them. That is not a good thing. b) I’ve learned to pat my face first before I ask. This is good as it prevents the: “Has anyone seen my glasses?” “You’re wearing them!” embarrassment moments.

5/ My friend calls me when she can’t find something in her house. So far I’ve been pretty good at finding the item for her. Yesterday she called me to tease me, “I’m at the grocery store and was wondering, Do I need croûtons?” [this one’s an inside joke]

6/ When I take Minutes for a meeting, I find myself wishing they could come up with a spell check that would put that little red squiggle under the words that I start to mis-spell so that I could correct myself as I write out the minutes.

7/ Um, I like labels. Its not so strange that my cupboards are labelled, but I think labelling the shelves and bins in my refrigerator ranks as weird.

Sincerely yours!


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5 Responses to Seven Weird Things

  1. Elaine says:

    I wouldn’t say that you are weird just different and that is ok. I don’t put much in the fridge that doesn’t belong there but I am known for putting the TV remote at my desk.

    As for the labor thing….if you have another perhaps you’ll be lucky in that they believe you when you say you’re in labor or they’ll see typical signs of labor in you. 🙂

  2. Ginger says:

    Here I thought you were just ignoring me…. 🙂

    It must be difficult to be so normal that it takes this long to come up with something that weird….You are so funny….maybe just a little weird… 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    Umm… Number 5 doesn’t look like a weird thing about you – as much as you calling a ‘friend’ weird… By the way – do you know where my cheese grater is?

  4. songbirdy says:

    Ha, ha, ha Sarah! Your one cheese grater is a BSM, the other is in the basement… the third is at IKEA waiting for our trip…

    Did I inadvertently call you weird? Ooops, how negligent of me!

    Btw, I totally recommend the cheese grater at IKEA… oh, and the 4th, well you can borrow mine at my house. Remember? You were going to show up with blocks of cheese and spend some time grating? 😆

  5. appliejuice says:

    That is a great list. Don’t listen to Elaine, though, you are weird. LOL Love the delivery story. 🙂

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