Sit up Straight!

Hello & Good Morning!

I have been working my Weird things list.  Perhaps it is weird that this is giving me so much trouble!  I think I have a few things ready.

But the reason I came on was to just give a small update.

First, I’ve been grieving for my friend Sumi whose youngest child died not too long ago.  My thoughts and prayers have been with her.  I have several other friend’s whose fathers have passed away.  I don’t know why my grief isn’t as great for them.  They are still in my prayers, but the reality of loosing your child is one that leaves me in tears.

Second, I’ve quit my school job.  I still am going in until she finds me a replacement, but have missed a few days because I’ve decided that I was not going to interrupt my children’s time for the sake of other children.

Third, I’ve sprained my vertebrae/back.  So right now, as my children say, until Mommy’s medicine kicks in I have the case of the grouchies.

And last but not least, my husband decided that we were to finally get bedroom furniture.  It will be here in time for our 10th anniversary, so I am very excited about that.  He decided this before my back injury, but I am thrilled that our new mattress is coming.  It turns out that I sprained my back while sleeping.  Our mattress is old, and I can tell!  Last night was a long slow process to get me into bed.  I ended up sleeping horizontally across the mattress for quite sometime because I just couldn’t move!

Anyhow… school time is nearly here!

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4 Responses to Sit up Straight!

  1. Jacqueline says:

    You sprained your back while sleeping! Wow! Hope it feels better soon.

  2. appliejuice says:

    I am sorry you are in such pain. I hope you back heals quickly and the new bed will be just the right thing you need. 🙂

  3. I hope your new furniture arrives quickly and the bed is more comfortable for you. I’m sorry you are hurting. Praying you feel better quickly!

  4. Elaine says:

    Sorry about your back. I pray that your back heals and that the new bed does help.

    Happy Anniversary!!

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