Visible and Invisible

Today my son was at a friend’s house to play after church.  My husband was working and I had my cousin over to help her learn how to use her new sewing machine.

So my daughter was playing by herself.  At one point she asked to go to the basement and see if she could find any treasures.  This is a relatively harmless thing so I gave her an okay.

She came back upstairs with a small clay frog and a request to “own” this frog.

Once she was told okay, she had to go to the bathroom to clean the frog.

While in the bathroom all I heard was much water being splashed around with much talking.  So I asked what she was doing.

“I’m teaching my invisible little brother how to care for his invisible real frog.”

Oh?   Well would you like to do all that splashing in the bathtub instead of in the sink?

“I’m not sure, could my invisible brother join me?”

Um… I suppose so.

Um, honey, could you splash a little less?

“No mom, when you’ve got a visible girl and her visible fake frog and an invisible brother and an invisible real frog in the bathtub it makes a whole lot of splashing!  There’s not a lot of room!”

I think that’s the point when my cousin couldn’t contain her giggles any longer!

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5 Responses to Visible and Invisible

  1. Oh, we have so many invisible people around here right now I can’t walk for falling over one. Last week we had a sleepover for them…they kept calling on the toy cell phone and adding themselves to the guest list. I think at the last count we had 31…laugh while it lasts.

    So nice to meet you in person the other night!

  2. Elaine says:

    That is so very funny!!

    I agree, enjoy this while it lasts, imagination is a great thing and she’ll lose all too soon if not encouraged. 😦

  3. Bobbie says:

    How funny!!!

    But, she is speaking the truth. That is alot of people invisible or otherwise not to be able to splash. lol

    I love the imagination of children. Enjoy it while you can.

  4. tessofthebellgrades says:

    Oh I love it! Imagination is fleeting these days. Thanks for the smile.

  5. gingerporter says:

    That is wonderfully funny! I love to hear the children laugh when they do that. They so believe what they are saying.

    By the way I am tagging you for a wierd post if you care to play. The information is at my blog.

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