Checking In Kind of Post

This is more of a mental check in for me. I’m suffering from a dysthymia lately. In case you are wondering, you can check out the link for the definition, but essentially dysthymia is actually closer to what we are feeling when we say we are ‘depressed.’ That is one definition I remember from my Abnormal Psych courses.

So, ignore the ramblings if you please.

Schooling has been hitting a slump again. This past week has been phenomenally busy. We’ve had our Garden Fresh Packing day. I’ve had my daily yard duty and after school child care. I’ve also had a full day of childcare for a toddler.

On Wednesday night I had a very interesting first meeting with the City’s Neighbourhood Support Coalition. This was very exciting for me. Essentially, the city of Guelph seeks to support programs for its residents and has decided that the best people to develop and run these programs are people from each neighbourhood themselves. The city is divided into areas and each area has a Neighbourhood group. Our group is Two Rivers. There are currently 10 groups in Guelph, if I have my facts straight. Realizing that there are different demographics in each area, the city says, you develop the programs and here is the money. The Neighbourhood Support Coalition then decides amongst itself how to spend the city’s money. naturally there is accountability, and as a coalition we also seek grants and funding from other sources. There is a fair amount of funding from other sources as well.

This is a great idea, in my opinion. Essentially it creates ownership. It better meets needs of the local residents and should, in theory, provide better results. There is the likelihood that each neighbourhood group can change a little more rapidly to residents perceived needs because they are closer to each community. Naturally, this is prone to human error.

For my part, I am really looking forward to participating in this group. Right now I am technically an observer.

In regards to my sewing and mending business… its growing too well. I’m kind of fed up with it. 😆 I have a lot of todo’s regarding this. I think part of my ‘fed-up-ness’ comes from the fact that I have to remember to heat the porch first before I am willing to go and sew. Then there is the fact that my husband, believe this or not, is doing even more over-time than before. This leaves me trying to do a lot of mending while parenting. And I am not very fond of that. I tend to just want to leave the mending until I have ‘alone’ time. And that doesn’t happen much in this house.

I am also working on business cards. Very fun! I think I have that figured out and they are going to the printer’s this coming week.

In regards to the house:

There are a few baskets of laundry to be folded. Just in case you haven’t figured it out, this is my biggest procrastination area.

I have to clean the bathroom. Room won’t stay clean! 😆

I need to vacuum and clean the main room and kitchen’s floors. I think they need a hands and knees washing.

Sigh… I think I’m going to make my kids spend the day outside tomorrow. That way I can clean… oh, no wait… my husband has to sleep all day so that means I can’t make ‘too much noise’ with my cleaning. I don’t know what’s harder on cleaning, home schooling or having a husband sleep all day. Both mean I should be cleaning at night but quite frankly, I am too tired then.

And health wise:

There is something wrong with me. I wonder if it is perimenopause. I’ve been having hot flashes quite regularly. But I am also having dizzy spells. I’ve scheduled an appointment to my Naturopath next week. I’d also like to go to the walk in clinic, but I refuse to go with my children and my husband isn’t around so that I can go with out them. Plus, the hours the clinic are open are hours… I can’t make! I am fed up with the doctor system in Ontario! I can get an appointment but I don’t want to drive 1 1/2 hours!

So… I’m going to my Naturopath. Hopefully she can make sense of the hot flashes, dizzyness, and sudden tiredness that hits me every night.

Oh well… its time for me to keep going. Must start school for the day!

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2 Responses to Checking In Kind of Post

  1. teresab01 says:

    I hope you feel better soon. Maybe you just need a long nap. Sounds good to me anyway! ~Hugs~

  2. Elaine says:

    I had not heard of dysthymia before now, thank you for sharing the link.

    I would say that your life is full and busy. I hope that you will be able to find some “me” time as I know that we all need that especially those of us who homeschool and are with our children 24/7.

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