Living Room & Sewing Area Pictures

Things have changed a lot around our house. I’m slowly getting things done. So I thought it was time to include a few updated pictures of our home. The one thing I wanted to note is that the tan/beige colour on our walls is my version of white. Almost every room in our house is mainly painted that colour with accent colour walls to define each room. Since our house is very much an open concept and rooms are visible from each other, I tried to use the beige colour to make the transition more natural. So our main living space is all that colour and then you can glimpse the purple of the kitchen from that room on one end and the white of the porch standing on the opposite end. The porch has decent white panelling and I wasn’t about to paint over it at this point.

Then from the kitchen, the wall against the living room is the beige as is the wall leading to the small hall and looking into our bedroom. The walls of our bedroom that you can see from the kitchen are the same beige, but then the wall of the bedroom that you see when looking back at the kitchen is a pale green. Our bedroom curtains match that green very nicely but are hung on the beige wall. Our bedroom lighting is bad and I took these in the dark of the winter night so the colours look off but they are all the same.

Enjoy your visit! Don’t worry, this is still a work in progress and will be different when I finish the curtains for our living space. For fun, you can look at these past pictures to see how it was 6 months ago, and if you scroll down how it looked when we first viewed the home! House pictures!

First we start looking at the new door installed on the weekend. I am standing in the kitchen and am slowly turning around the room so you can see the perspective. The wall unit on the far left is 8 feet tall and we bought from my Grandfather. This is the only place in the entire house we can place this furniture.

Living Room 2

A slight turn and you can see our Bay Window. Yes, it is curtainless but that will come! I’m only 6 months on that project!

Living Room 3

Now you can catch a good glimpse of the picture that is hand embroidered and a gift for our wedding. Underneath that, but closed is our small electric organ that my daughter practises upon. This is our dining area. The table has two rather largish leaves that I store behind the wall unit. I placed a spacer on the ground before we built up the unit and I can slide the leaves right behind the unit. Rather a smart idea that was a spur of the moment for me but turned out great!
Living Room 4

And another swing and you can see the computer area at which I sit this moment. You can catch a glimpse of the purple of the kitchen through the doorway and a glimpse of the small hallway leading into our bedroom through that doorway as well. Blue painting by Matt Cupido, bought for me by husband while we were dating.

Living Room 6

Then onto the bedroom so you can see our curtains. The room is small and very hard to photograph, I had to stand inside my husband’s closet for one picture and so forth. The colours are quite off so I’ll just post them. The one really odd picture is of our skylight. We really like this feature! Last to note on the bedroom, absolutely frigidly cold! It is going to be a real costly venture to fix that problem, long story. But just enjoy the looks of it for now!

In the door:
View Entering Bedroom

Looking UP:

Curtains, just completed:
Curtains I Sewed

Glimpse of wall (Ceiling height at this point 12 ft):
Glimpse of Wall that Matches Curtains

Greenish wall: [Bottom picture by my mother, top cross stitch by good friend]
Bedroom Green Wall

And last but not least, the sewing room pictures:

Sewing Room

And the view in the opposite direction:

Sewing Room Otherside

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4 Responses to Living Room & Sewing Area Pictures

  1. BrendaS says:

    You have been busy! Nice pictures…and I must commend your good use of space! It looks like you have used all your nooks & crannies well!

  2. gingerporter says:

    Very nice Birdy…..I love it…..:-)

  3. Elaine says:

    Your home looks wonderful, Birdy!!

    Do we get to see what you did with the kids’ rooms as well? Or did you already post those and I missed them for some reason???

  4. celticmuse says:

    very nicely done. It looks very homey and safe.

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