Some Sewing

Since I talk about my sewing every now and then I thought I should share a few pictures.

I recently sewed 4 Baptismal gowns for the Chinese Fellowship in my Church. I was told what they kind of expected them to look like but the actual pattern finding and material buying was left to me. They were to be durable but easy to care for and most importantly the white fabric was to be non-revealing after the immersion. So I looked long and hard and decided upon a nightgown design minus some of the more frilly features. Since I had to sew two adult and two child versions, I had to find a pattern that was available both adult and child sizes as they wanted all of them to look the same.

I found a pattern from my favourite company, Kwik Sew, and proceeded to make the gowns. My daughter also needed some nightwear and so I decided to make her two versions with the frills but in flannel not the Duchesse Satin (wedding gown fabric) in which I was making up the Baptismal gowns.

Well the darling daughter was so pleased with her gown that she started something straight out of an Arthur episode. Before I knew it she had promised nightgowns to everyone! Thankfully flannel was on cheap and each child was made to know that these were Christmas gifts! So each gift cost $4 but several hours of my time. Not a horrible trade for inexpensive but great Christmas gifts.

The series of photos below are the two that I made for my daughter and her “bestest friend ever in the whole universe” when she went for her sleepover. Now, you have to remember my daughter is six. She is coming home from the sleepover today.

Here are the pair of gowns in full length.

Full Length Nightgowns

Here are some details of the ruffling. I am so thankful to Nick at Triangle Sewing Centre and his wife Nancy, because when I couldn’t get my ruffler to fit they figured out how to adjust the equipment to make it fit. The pleats are ruffled. I ruffled the entire material and then ripped out excess until the two pieces matched up perfectly. I’ll play with the next 2 gowns I have left to sew so that I have a better match from start and not so much ripping out to do!

Yoke Ruffling detail

Hem Ruffling Detail

And last, the perfect buttons for a Cat Nightgown:

Cat Buttons

Now for some exciting sewing news!

My husband has been very impressed with how my word of mouth sewing business is doing. Business is great without any advertising other than my window sign. So he told me to research the other sewing machine I wanted. Today I took him to see the machine. End result, I can get a Coverlock machine BUT even more exciting he says I can also buy a blind hemming machine. This is so cool. The trade off is that I must advertise a bit more!
Anyhow! Tomorrow pictures about the hat knitting pattern I designed. And perhaps I’ll chart it and put the pattern up as well.

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7 Responses to Some Sewing

  1. dietdrpepper says:

    You should be so proud of your work. They are beautiful!!

  2. Joni says:

    Congratulations of conquering the ruffler aka pleater for the use you wanted. Sure beats making 2 rows of basting stitches and then gathering and then stitching is and then serge the edges…Your way makes is FUN and beautiful! Bravo. Do tell us how the hemmer turns out. Joni in CA

  3. Bobbie says:

    How cute are those! You do great work!

  4. teresab01 says:

    You are so talented! I love the gowns. Aren’t little girls so sweet? Mine like to call each other “Friend”…..”Hey Friend, where did you put my book??”. Now our whole family refers to each other as “Friend”. LOL. Congrats on your new machine, you do great work !!

  5. songbirdy says:

    Thanks ladies! I appreciate the compliments a lot. My daughter has been so sweet this week, calling her friend to ask if she’s wearing her cat pyjamas.

    I’ve been having fun with my new sewing machines, working on our bedroom curtains (finally inserts my husband!). The only negative is that I really had my sewing space nicely organized for work, and now! I have to reorganize EVERYTHING! 😆 Its a good thing I like organizing, or at least, I pretend I do!

  6. Elaine says:

    I must say that you are doing some fantastic work!! I’m highly impressed. Will you show pictures of the baptism gowns as well? The nightgowns are wonderful and look so warm.

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