What Happens When Mom Cleans the Brother’s Room

Originally I planned to have both of my children gone at the same time.  However, that didn’t work out.

Originally I planned to redo both children’s bedrooms during the time that they were at their sleep overs.   However, that isn’t happening either.

Parenting is about being flexible, right?

So when Sister sees that Mom takes apart brother’s room inserts new furniture and generally speaking makes the room special it is only logical that Sister expects something similar.

Now to my daughter’s credit, she did try to help clean her room, but the disaster was too great.  I was motivated to do our son’s room because he was constantly going into her room and trashing it.  He did try to help clean it up, but they made such big messes that neither of them knew how to clean it up.

Anyhow, I am really tired of cleaning the kids rooms!  But hopefully this will all help.

I’ve tried fly systems with them.  They kind of work.  But its hard to maintain them myself.  Especially since I struggle with things like this myself.
Anyhow.  I am almost finished vacuuming her room.

I’ve got bags of stuff for the thrift store, and bags for Garbage on Saturday.  I’ve sorted, tossed and purged.  Part of the reason I am doing this now, at night, is because if you don’t see the item go it is often harder to miss it later on.

I certainly know that!  For example, say you had a certain special knick knack over there.  It was broken and hidden away.  Chances are you won’t miss it until you stumble across the item while cleaning and uncovering the hiding spot.  At which point you will feel conflicting emotions, partially sadness over the destruction of your special knick knack, partially anger at the person who hid the item, and a certain amount of hurt pride because you didn’t notice it until just then.

Anyhow, I digress.  I’m going to go back one more time to her room tonight, package up the toys she’s donating to Charity.  Then a quick vacuum, run of stuff to the laundry and perhaps… perhaps the last of the folding.  Although I’m still sick and I’d really, really like to quit.

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One Response to What Happens When Mom Cleans the Brother’s Room

  1. Elaine says:

    That is a good idea, I’ve cleaned the kids rooms when they’re gone. Not an easy job let me tell you.

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