What it means when you go to Gram E.’s house for a sleep over!

Our son has gone to my mother’s house for a two night sleep over.

We are working hard.  Today we went to IKEA and bought him a loft bed.  We also bought him an inexpensive coffee table and 5 IKEA totes.  We are using the rest of his existing furnishings to redo his bedroom.

My son’s twin bed takes up nearly half of his floor space.  So it seems logical to me to loft his bed.  We are fairly confident he will be okay sleeping up high since the children have been pushing for Bunk Beds so that they can sleep in the upper bunk.

Plus we’ve run into issues with the under the bed space, and as I learned today the under the closet space as well.  Just imagine things 8 year old boys get into and you won’t be too far off course.

I still have to get him some sort of lighting.  My husband was a little upset with the spending regarding this remodel, which wasn’t much truthfully.  Thankfully 2 hours of price shopping showed him that I wasn’t being frivolous.

The reason for doing this ‘remodel’ is because he has no space to call his own.  Nor does he have a place to play, with or without friends.

What has been occurring is trifold.

First, he oozes out of his room and into our common room.  This is not good because we also are tight for space.  If we use it efficiently, we have enough, if we leave our toys all over we are quickly getting on everyone else’s nerves.

Second,  he oozes into his sister’s room.  This is the source of much of my daily aggravation.  I think it is multiplied because we are home and with each other so very much.

Third, he feels cheated.  I’m not sure if this is a common emotion for 8 year olds, my field research suggests that it is, but our son has a very sensitive ‘justice’ meter.  Quite frankly anything can set him off, and it is definitely skewed in his favour.  Perhaps that should read not in his favour.  Either way, he has to bear the brunt of the injustices in our world.

Mind you Sister is thinking otherwise today.  Thankfully she is much easier to please and a Barbie DVD from the clearance bin quickly evened up her ‘justice’ meter.  That and the promise that Mommy will be tackling her room when she is gone on her sleep over next week.  Sister’s room will be divided via a Mommy-made divider.  Sister’s room is twice the size of Brothers.  Originally this was because we schooled in Sister’s room.  But now, it is just too much because she often has to clean up Brother’s messes when cleaning her room.

Anyhow… Got to run!  Some more toys to sort and pitch.

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2 Responses to What it means when you go to Gram E.’s house for a sleep over!

  1. Elaine says:

    All the best as you do the remodel on the boy’s room.

  2. woundedlily says:

    I think he will be delighted at his new room space. It worked well with my grandchildren when they were smaller. Happy New Year.

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