Its Nap Time Buddy!

I find this a little strange but I frequently send my 8 year old son for naps.  Whereas I rarely dare to send my daughter for a nap.

My son’s temperament is a lot like mine.  I’d put us on par with a Latin/Spanish caricature of personality.  We’re passionate, intense, hot or cold, energetic, alway right, bold, flashy, and loud.

I’d caricaturize my daughter as an English personality.  She is calm, analytical, quieter, strong willed, reserved, and a force that you won’t be changing in a clash of wills.

And I believe that it is because of my son’s personality that he so often needs naps.  The thing, since I am just like him it takes me a bit to notice that he’s flagging.  Usually the 20th time I have to tell him to stop that, get out of this, and “For Pete’s sake YOUR sister is NOT a TOY!!!” that I’ll think, “eh, what’s that?  OH!  he NEEDS a nap.”

Then there will come the 5 minute whine about napping.  Then he’ll lay down and in about 60 seconds will be sound asleep.

If I were to ever try and have my daughter nap when she is not running a high grade fever, she’d go to her room almost immediately.   She would then happily play in her room for up to 6 hours.  At which point she’d drive me insane in waiting for her and I’d call her out of her room.

If she were to fall asleep and not be running the aforementioned fever, I would 100% promise you that she’d be awake until at least 2 a.m. that night.  The next day she’d get up at her normal time and be just as fine as normal.

The only time my daughter is not her normal self is when she is extremely tired on her way home from a family gathering in which she has played very, very intense make-believe games with her cousins.  Then she will actually do some of the antagonistic behaviours that my son will do so frequently.

If she gets that tired, it will take her a few days to get back into her stride.  Not only that but she will not sleep well and will have several nightmares until she has ‘caught’ up her energy.  The easiest way to get her to sleep well, is to let her sleep with me.

This however, will insure that I will not sleep.  Sleeping with my daughter is like sleeping with a litter of 2 week old kittens.

In her sleep my daughter will move.  She does all the moving in her sleep that she does not do during the day.  Apparently she inherits this trait from me.  I was a very ingenious sleep walker as a child.  Places I have found my sleeping daughter include inside her box part of her mattress set, draped over her bedpost with only her arm and one leg on the bed, inside her bookshelf, under the sofa, in the bathtub and a few other interesting places.

My son however, is… well… in his sleep… well… he’s there and good luck on moving him.  I have, in the past, dropped him on the way to dragging him to the bathroom.  No matter, just pick him up and return him to bed because there is no way I’ll wake him up to get him to pee at that point.

Interestingly enough, my son experiences night terrors.  Again, good luck in waking him up.  The best thing to do is to run to the breakables within and slightly beyond the area in which he is standing and guard them with your life.  It is expected that you will be sporting a good sized bruise the next day.  The job at this point is to corral the child back into his bedroom or at least prevent him from doing something physically dangerous.  In the past there have been two times when my husband and I have had to restrain him because he would have seriously hurt himself if he had not been stopped.

So if my son comes to me during the night it will be with tears streaming down his face.  The dream will have been so bad that he will simply not be able to remember his dream.

If my daughter come, it will be because she is colder than a flash frozen piece of food.  Her entire purpose will be to get in between Mommy and Daddy so that she will be able to warm up.  Never mind all those lovely blankets on her bed… because she will have been sleeping everywhere but under them!  Forget the yummy flannel nightgowns, pajama’s, footie jammies, and other concoctions Mommy has sewn to try and keep this child dressed as she will have likely left them neatly folded under her pillow or hanging on a hanger in her closet.

Anyhow, this trip in blog land has beens sponsored in part by the quiet afforded to me this afternoon by my napping son.  Sweet Dreams!

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2 Responses to Its Nap Time Buddy!

  1. celticmuse says:

    Yep, I find both Camryn and Caedmon sleeping in the oddest places, once he fell asleep perched on Camryn’s nightstand…. I will post that on my photo blog in a few days.

  2. Bobbie says:

    Ha ha too funny. My step son will sleep anywhere but a bed. And he curls up so much that you don’t see him and either end up sitting on him or stepping on him. I have asked him before about why he doesn’t sleep in his bed he said it just wasn’t his thing. Go figure.

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