Working towards Christmas

Well, the house is beginning to show Christmas.  I have our Advent wreath on the living room table.  I always loved my families Christmas Advent tradition.  Unfortunately my husband doesn’t like moving from the table to the living area and the nights that I get us to the living area involves a fair amount of disharmony so I don’t get us there every night.

But the kids and I often light the wreath once he’s gone, sing a few hymns and read some texts with messages pertaining to Advent.  They love that time and so do I so, I guess I’ve started a new version!

We’ve been having behavioural problems with our son again.  Sunday found us coming home to a 14 year old in tears and the boy the root cause.  Since the hubby and I are talking with a Counselor, we brought this subject up this week and are strengthened in our resolve.

And I’ve been sick.  But the knitting must go on!  Which is coming.  I’ve only got two presents for my niece and nephew which are urgent.  My children have their sweaters.  I’ve almost finished them but they are a little more gracious about the process and I’ve got other gifts for them.

My home sewing business has been steady.  There are a lot of times that I just don’t want to do the work!  😆  I don’t know how many times I open the door, take a single glance and know that… I’m going to have sore fingers again because there is just no way I can sew buttons on a leather coat properly by machine.  I can’t line up the top and bottom buttons because I can’t see through leather!

And I can’t seem to sew oil skin on my machine.  So it is much more cost efficient of me to work away with my little stone and needle to repair those outdoor overalls than it is for me to buy another sewing machine!

Then there is replacing zippers.  Another thing I don’t like doing but, I do it often.

Ah well… such is life 🙂  Some one should do the work so it is I.  And, sometimes “school time” is very profitable as I sit and sew while they work!

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2 Responses to Working towards Christmas

  1. Elaine says:

    I wish that I could get into doing the Advent wreath with my family. Alass it is me in this family that keeps it from happening. I think that my hubby, when he’s home anyway, would be all for it and I think that my kids, once we got into it, would love it I just can’t see myself being the driving force behind this. I really should have gotten to doing this much earlier when the kids were younger and I wasn’t so buys.

    I’m sorry about your sewing problems, some of that is why I never got into sewing – well and the fact that the machines break on me when I use them.

    Take care and know that you are loved by many.

  2. celticmuse says:

    We have not done the advent thing since we moved into this too small apartment, there is no room to put it. I miss it terribly. Hopefully next year in a house.

    I’m sorry about the hand repairs, but I’m sure it is better than not having the business.

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