The Cold Shoulder

I don’t know if this ever becomes an issue at your house, but are you ever the first one to crawl into bed on a winter night?

Last night I had to bring back an Old Time tradition.

First of all, we were much displeased to discover that my assumption about our master bedroom is indeed very correct.

Our bedroom is simply an enclosed porch.  There is insulation in the floor, walls and ceiling.  But the whole room rests on simple blocks and a pressure treated lumber base.  When we had our several contractors in to help us figure out how to warm up that cold room we were finally really pleased with the last Gentleman who told us the cold truth about out bedroom.

But we weren’t pleased with the facts!

This is one “I told you so” that I am not glad to have won!

Especially because we’ll likely only get maybe 5 years before we have to tear down the entire structure and rebuild.  But since we have to do the bathroom too, I’m figuring the two rooms will be a side by side construction one summer 5 years from now!

Last night I opened the door to our room and simply gasped!  Upon grabbing the thermometer I discovered that the room was a chill 3 degrees Celsius!  We have a small Oil Electric heater we turn on when we go to bed to help warm up the room but… oh!

So I flicked on the lights after I grabbed every last buckwheat heating pad in the house and stuffed it in the microwave.

And there was the culprit!  A pile of laundry a certain someone didn’t put into the laundry basket was sitting on the heat register.  So for about 7 hours there was no heat being put into that room!

After my heat packs were heated I popped them into our bed in between the blankets.  After 20 minutes I pulled them out and reheated them.  Then I shoved them and myself into bed and cuddled my Buckwheat friends.

This morning my lungs are simply aching.  I was prone to pneumonia as a child and I know the night in that room wasn’t good.  I’ve put Buckwheat husks on my shopping list and am aiming to make me some more buckwheat buddies to sleep with!

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2 Responses to The Cold Shoulder

  1. Meredith says:

    Brrr! I actually like a cold room, so long as the rest of my body is snuggled under a down comforter. To my mind, that’s the best warmth you can get for the money.

    Have you checked to see if the air duct beneath the room is well insulated? Your heat may be escaping two-fold if it has to travel beneath what is essentially a porch.

  2. Elaine says:

    Ooooo, I wouldn’t like to have my room like that. I do have to get on my kids, and hubby at times, for covering up the registers (forced air heat) and not allowing the warm air to get to the rooms and make me warm.

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