The Battle of the Cold

A comment by Meredith got me to thinking over our battle of the Cold in this house.  In my opinion it makes for an interesting topic and so I thought I’d ruminate on it a bit.

We did have an assessment done on our house.  This is the kind that involves them basically replacing your front door with a huge fan that sucks air from your house.  I’m not 100% sure how they measure, but I believe that the calculation of how much fan power they have to  use to create a certain amount of suction is figured into the equation.

During the test you are walked through your house and they point out very clearly the area’s that are lacking.  You can put your hands on walls and feel hot and cold spots.  The cold spots are a lack of insulation.

During our walk through our home, standing on our basement trapdoor, we had enough of a breeze to lift my pony tail and the hair off the shoulders of the woman walking us through our test.

This is also right next to our bedroom door.

They then take their information, their multiple pictures and measurements and various other data and go away.  They came back the following week with a strategy for us.

There were several suggestions on how to dramatically improve our house’s rating.

A priority is our attic.  It needs proper ventilation and even more insulation than is already in place.

Another high priority with this program is our furnace.  Now it is important to note that this program is subject to much governmental involvement!  Because I spoke with a Gentleman at our church who is the owner of a very large heating and cooling business about our mid-efficiency furnace.  I have come to the conclusion that although we will get the biggest cash rebate from the government for the furnace the $3000 we will be left with after getting the furnace the government wants us to buy is too much for our investment!

Then there is the issue with the basement.  It right now, serves to let in our most cold air.  The house was built as a war home in 1929.  It was a small square home that has undergone 4 additions.  Addition number two is very good and solid.  Addition number three (the bathroom) is okay we think but… Addition number four was kind of built onto and tacked over addition number three.

Addition number four is our biggest problem.

Now, with our circumstances… our modest, quaint and very historic home is… well… we just know that its going to have special issues!

But then again… no mice yet!  I’m okay with that!

We knew coming in here that we’ll have to do the bathroom within 5 years.  And we know now that we’ll have to do the Master bedroom.  Unfortunately we’ve looked into crawling under it, supporting it up and replacing beams… but we can’t get under it!!!  So our options are looking at tearing it down, recycling the  new window and skylight, and rebuilding.  OR supporting it, digging down under the house and building up under it and doing it better.  BUT that is not really an option given the location of the neighbours house and the thickness of our original home’s basement.

Which means that our plan to tear out the kids bedrooms move a wall over slightly and build the in between wall into closets is, for now… about 10 years away!  And… will we be here then? 😆

In the meantime, we’ve replaced the windows and have picked one of the 7 quotes we took for the attic and will get that work done.  Then we will look into insulating the basement.  Perhaps at some point… we’ll figure out how to fix that bedroom!  Meanwhile, I’m just glad that I didn’t place one of the kids in that room!

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One Response to The Battle of the Cold

  1. Elaine says:

    I hope that you are able to get some of your heat issues taken care of at not to great a cost.

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