Christmas Time Memory

Twice today this memory has been brought to my attention.  This is one of those memories that finds our family laughing at its telling.  Definitely one of “remember the time when” memories!

Last year, likely around mid-January was when this occurred.

We lived in a large farm house where our ‘boot room’ was basically an uninsulated room.  We kept all our hats, coats, shoes and boots in this room.

Like most farm houses, we had other critters that lived with us other than our two cats Nick and Paw-casso.  In fact our other house critters were the reason for our two cats.

Because of these unwelcome pets I had a little fetish.  I hated finding our boots tipped over and was rather retentive in making us ensure that our boots and shoes were always placed up right side.  I had vivid pictures of little critters crawling into our warm discarded foot wear!

My husband and children really though very little of my fetish and I spent too many moments picking up and straightening our boots and shoes placing them up on the raised racks I bought.

One day the husband had to bundle the kidlets up and run to Stratford to pick up some gifts.  The roads were fairly bad, so they were taking a fair amount of time on the road.  The boy was fairly wiggly and starting to get on Daddy’s temper.  Bad road conditions and a fidgety child are not good companions.

Finally the boy wailed to Daddy that his boot just didn’t feel right and it bit him.

Daddy pulled over to the side of the snow filled highway shoulder.   He reached behind and pulled the offending boot off our son’s foot.  Then he stuck his hand into the boot to prove to the boy that indeed the boot was fine.

Much to Daddy’s horror… there was something in the boot.  So he flipped the boot over and shook two mice out into his lap!

Daddy and the kids were out of that car lickety split.

I am told shrieks were heard the block around!  😆

Strangely enough, no one makes fun of me when I insist we put our boots on the racks the right way up now!  At the moment I care not about the mice, rather I hate the slushy wet laces!

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3 Responses to Christmas Time Memory

  1. Desia says:

    Hi Songbirdy
    I had a good laugh catching up on you last few posts, thanks!
    Son recently found a mouse in a cereal box, despite our two cats lazing about and us living in the city. Since then, cereal goes in airtight plastic containers and we had to resort to putting out poison, poor mice.

  2. tessofthebellgrades says:

    Mice are disgusting. I hate rodents. They are icky and if it had been me you’d have had a hard time getting me back in the car. *shudders*.

    It’s sounds funny. Would be funnier if if I wasn’t such a prissy girl when it came to dealing with gross rodents. I’d be keeping my shoes upright too!

  3. Elaine says:

    Not sure that I’d be getting back into that car until I witness it being clean out & dissinfected.

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