School Yard Duty

So one of the things I do every week day is Yard Duty at the local public school.

For the sake of the children, I won’t share the name of the school.

Being there has been a shock, eye-opener, and yet… something about the things that happen while I am there pull at my heart strings.

Two weeks ago we were on the news.  At first recess, not the one I supervise, a man had offered some girls some money if they would come and help him search for his missing dog.  Yes, he had a leash and collar with him.

I’ve seen, after school, what I suspect was a drug deal.  I can’t say for sure and if I had stronger suspicions I’d have called the Police but…

I’ve tried to get coats to children who, quite frankly, need them.  I am blessed in that our local Bibles for Missions store is run by several ladies from my church and they are willing to give me deals on the coats.  They’d give them to me free but I pay what I can.  But, sadly, sometimes the children won’t take the coats.

I’ve seen doors kicked in and glass smashed.

I’ve seen children climbing up the side of the school.

Bloody noses… seen them.  Runny noses… ack… yes… too many of those.

Zippers, boots, mitts and hats… I’m a bit over-protective of every child.  You walk past me with a zipper undone, it will be done up.

Shoelaces?  No problem… I am fully capable of tying laces with my thick gloves and mitts on.  On a side note… I astonished a lady at a store the other day because I was able to punch in my code into the PIN pad to pay for my purchase while fully gloved.

I’ve served as a body guard.

I’ve had to choke myself from laughing because… quite frankly I think playing a game of truth or dare and actually going up to the school bully and calling him gay is… rediculous.  When you come running up to me in utter fear and proclaim that you think he might be angry at you for doing such a thing…  I’ll bite my tongue so I don’t laugh at your 3rd grade male self and give you the protection you now need.

The children have learned about me too.  They know, and you don’t, that I have a talent when it comes to accents.  I can flip between 5 or 6 accents fairly easily.  I won’t say they are perfect but… it is popular on the school yard.

They know I can put on a bandaid pretty well.

They know I don’t have keys, but I do carry a walkie talkie.

And they know I’m human too.

There are many days when I wonder why I keep going to this job.  The timing is horrible.  Right about exactly when we get into our stride in school work for the day.  I’ve tried changing up our school work at home but we are pretty much on a good pace when its time for me to leave.

Quite frankly, the job can be scary.  It hasn’t happened in awhile but I have had 4 times when I’ve been told that so and so child has a gun.  Then there is the one child that is on his way to a “bad end” if we can’t get through to him.  This week one of the teachers had to file on him for assulting her by throwing objects at her.  I might have to fill out witness forms on that one.

Lets see, it is also cold.  The area is designed to make a perfect wind tunnel.  And I get to go around and around and around that school.  At times… I wish I could just stay on the warm sections of the play ground but, naturally I need to be continously moving to check on all sides of the school.

Then there is the issue of pay.  Its there but not the reason for going in!

Mainly I stay because of the children.  That, and I don’t really mind being called “Mrs. Bumble Bee” instead of “Mrs. V.”

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4 Responses to School Yard Duty

  1. Elaine says:

    My mom used to do what you do. I know that she made a difference when we’d be in the grocery store and hear footsteps running out way and a small voice yelling out: “Mrs….” while dragging a bewildered mother behind.

    Mom would be thanked by the mom for making “child” eat all the lunch and for making sure “child” wore their coat, hat and mitten when they went outside. Mom made the kids mind but was also there with lots of hugs and security. It helped that during the cold winter months she was usually dressed in her fur parka (gift from dad to make sure she stayed warm – usually she didn’t do it up or she’d over heat) where the kids would all want to congregate to get warm! 😆

    You’re making a difference in those kid’s lives so keep up the good work as you are able to.

  2. celticmuse says:

    what would they do without you? They really need you so much.

  3. You are a great influence for those children, Roberta. This duty give you many opportunities to be a prayer warrior for those young ones.

  4. gingerporter says:

    Wow….that’s about all I can think when reading was simply Wow.

    You will make a difference and one day kids will be sitting there talking about Mrs Bumble Bee wishing they could look you up but they can’t remember your real name…..

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