Attempting to clean Up this House!

With all the running around to Sarnia, the phone calls and just general life, our house is floundering.  We’ve kind of abused our poor Maison!

So today I worked hard on the front porch.  Naturally it rained all day and the children did forget to stay on the 4 foot wide mats that run 12 feet from the door toward the coats closet.  The end result is some very black but neat boot markings all over the laminate flooring.

One of the big changes was the husband’s computer.  The man is not budging and insists that he must have his puter.  Since our house is firmly a 1 computer house with 2 computers at the moment… something had to give for the love of space.

My laptop is the newer, faster and more space friendly machine but it did not win over my husband.  His terminology not mine.  He said I couldn’t have my machine because “then you’d win again.”

So fine.  Today saw me running around town via our phone to price ‘upgrades’ to the man’s computer.

Short of putting in a new motherboard (which is really the best way to get it closer to my computer and into this decade of computer), I up-ped the ram by 4 times.  I had his DVD-R driver replaced with one that actually does record data to disks.  I purchased a new keyboard that is coffee spill resistant.  I off-loaded his HUGE monitor for a 19 inch flat screen.  I have to giggle because the computer monitor is actually larger than our television screen.

I wiped off a bunch of memory dragging programs.  I defraged the drive.  I cleaned up the start menu…

And… I managed to sell my laptop.

Once I get the money for the laptop (at the end of the week), the total cost of my computer ‘revitalization’ program will be just under $300.

Its not as fast as my laptop.  But at least, I can now run multiple windows and not cause crashes…

So tonight I set up his puter and I write to you from there now.

Tomorrow night I must clear all my files off the laptop, e-mail myself the book marks and such not… and then get the laptop to the computer guys for a scrubbing.

Oh… and my husband was mad at me regarding my big surprise.

Some battles… are really hard to loose gracefully even when you try really hard!

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2 Responses to Attempting to clean Up this House!

  1. Elaine says:

    Just why is he mad at you?
    Is it because you sacrificed your laptop so that he could have a better machine to play games on? 😕

  2. Desia says:

    I was wondering why he is mad too. Is it because you actually “won” again, even though he got his way, and you were so nice about it? We humans are a strange bunch!

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