Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning:

This is as typical as we get.  Some Saturdays see me running out the door as early as I can to go and clean my mother’s house.  Others see us along these lines.

DD is up and fighting off a tummy bug.  The kind with ‘end’ results.  So she is permitted to watch Saturday morning cartoons between her bathroom visits.

DS is kind of watching cartoons and playing with Magnetix.  “Look Mom!  I’ve got a six sided Ruby!”

“Great!  Do you remember what that shape is called?”

“Ooo, look this is a Parallelogram!”

“Yeah, but it isn’t strong.  But watch Mom!  If I put a line here it’s stronger!”

“Oh, and look it makes two triangles!  Those are special triangles… did you know different kinds of triangles have names too?”

“Cool!  And I can make those triangles in to pyramids!”

“Uh huh!”

“Can I make a Mummy today?”

“Um no!  Now… go play!”

In other news we got our regular schooling somewhat back on track this week.  We aren’t doing all the extended subjects and as much of the readings as I like.  Those involve my participation and I’ve been busy!

One thing I did this past week was get some “pairs” of books.  I had bought my son some Magic Treehouse books so that he could have some fun books.  He’s been reading those to me.

I don’t really like the quality of the books, but I find them better than the books my daughter received.  She has Junie B. Jones books.

But the thing is, they are a stretch for her reading level and she is pushing herself very hard to be able to read them.

So at night we sit and she reads to me.  She forces herself to sound out the words and prove she can read the book.

My son leans over our shoulders and tries to assist.  He is a better reader but these books do have the odd word challenge for him as well.  The his main issue is that he skips words and refuses to sound out words now that he is eight.  So there is nothing like his younger sister to point out his missing words to get him to slow down and read properly.

Since I abhor people leaning over my shoulder, I went out and bought some doubles.  Thankfully they are on sale and I have a i-rewards card!  As much as I hate buying ‘new’ when I likely could buy them used, the chance of me getting them quickly is rare.

So evenings around our house will see me gritting my teeth as my children improve their reading skills.  Junie B. Jones!  Argh!  But sometimes… when something works… you’ll take what you get!!!

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One Response to Saturday Morning

  1. Elaine says:

    Sometimes it really is good to let a younger sibling be the motivation for an older one to work harder. We’ve done that w/pushups, the girl does them much better from the very beginning that the boy but when we remind him or show him it is amazing how quickly he’ll get to doing them right.

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