The Tag of Eight

Ah, because I can use some fun!

I’ve been tagged with the Meme of Eight. Here is my first response to this Meme: Pieces of Eight Meme.

So this is actually facts 9 – 16 that you don’t likely know about me 🙂 I like to play along with games. Visit the Queen of Carrots to find the source of my tag!

9. My decorating style is eclectic, but my neighbours and the children at the school where I supervise lunch yard duty know my house as the one “with the red gingham curtains.” Apparently city folk notice gingham well. That… and if you happen to catch the wrong light and end up waiting, you can either look at my gingham curtains on the front porch or the big white wall of the factory across the street.

10. I have a hat fetish. Little did I know it when buying this house, but we are about a 5 minute walk from the most amazing hat factory. Thankfully the clerk really, really likes me… and I can buy some most beautiful hats for well within my budget. I am known as the “hat lady.”

12. I had pet snakes growing up. In specific, I had a pet boa constrictor that grew so big we had to send it to the National Zoo in Bangladesh. It grew so big there that it became dangerous. When the snake died, it was stuffed and is now on display at the Zoo.

13. In relation to number 12, I went to an American International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh. My Boa Constrictor used to be a school pet. They had two Boa’s. Mine, and Nahusha. I loved Nahusha. I was supposed to get her… but I ended up with “Sir Hiss.” Anyways… the Science teacher used to let me walk around school with Nahusha wrapped around my leg. Sometimes for very long periods of time.

14. In relation to number 13… I was a teacher’s pet in Science class. I was going to be a doctor in my Grade School years. By the time I was in Grade 8, I had done 16 dissections by myself. My teacher couldn’t stand to do the dissections, and I was allowed to do the class models.

15. In no relation to the previous fact… I knit fast. Tonight, in about 3 hours I knitted over 3000 stitches. Yes, it was an uncomplicated k1, p1 pattern, with a stretch of stocking stitch. But it was on 3 dpn’s with increasing, casting off, casting on mid-knitting, and so forth. Oddly enough… I know what all of that means too!

16. I can hang a door. Not only that… I can hang a door really well. I am a whiz with a chisel… mind you… I had to call my Pastor to borrow his chisel because we don’t own one… but when one has the urge to hang doors… you should likely have it done before your husband comes home from work. Anyways… I had my door professionally inspected… and I am not bragging when I say I can hang a door really well! 😆

So there you go! It was fun! Try it yourself! 🙂

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4 Responses to The Tag of Eight

  1. gingerporter says:

    The snake stories are most interesting i would have to say….but then I all ready knew parts of the other items. That is impressive that your snake is now stuffed….:-)

  2. I love hats too, although I don’t wear them as much as I would if I *really* loved hats. Living next to a hat factory sounds very fun, though.

  3. Desia says:

    Noooo, I hate snakes of any kind! I think it was very brave of you to walk about with a snake curled around your leg, yikes. You certainly live, and have lived, an interesting life.

    (You once mentioned a family member (aunt?) living in South Africa, how did she end up there?)

  4. tessofthebellgrades says:

    My curtains are red gingham too! I am in the middle of prettying them up with chicken scratch embroidery. I have a table cloth I need to finish too. (In red gingham) I love red and I love gingham. I am just a country girl at heart.

    Also on a side note, just wanted to let you know I have kept you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

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