Road Trip Math

I love how spontaneous school happens!

Today we went out to pick up some salad ingredients for my mother’s birthday dinner, which I must go and cook swiftly. While in the vehicle, my daughter started making up addition problems for me.

Which turned into a fun game of making up word problems and trying to challenge the other players. I had fun introducing some division and multiplication word problems to my son.

My daughter, clearly wanting to do some of the more “cool” sounding math problems decided to make up a special word problem for me. Now, read the following while picturing a 6 year old girl who channels Valley Girl all too well for my liking!

“Okay Mom! So like… I was out walking and I saw a bus… well actually I saw 2 buses… and I was like… SOOOOoooo cool! Then… like I kept walking and I saw 8 more buses!!! But I saw only one bus driver! Strange, huh?

Anyways… like Mom… how many buses and bus drivers did I see?”

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One Response to Road Trip Math

  1. Ha Ha, that is funny. It sounds like you made a simple run to the grocery store fun.

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