Are the Windows Coming?

The windows were re-scheduled to arrive tomorrow, and they haven’t called and I believe it is past time for them to call… so the question remains! Are the windows coming tomorrow?

Meanwhile, today we had an energy audit today. We were not going to do this, but when we realized that the number of windows we are having installed mean that we will get back a government rebate to cover the cost of the audit we felt that this was a simple yes.

The way this was done at our home was that we shut all the windows, turned off the water heater, and essentially they replaced our front door with a large fan. Then we followed Jennifer through our house as she showed us various things we could do to improve.

The amount of air flowing through our home is huge. Enough to actually ruffle our hair out of our styles and pull the curtains over 6 inches away from their normal position.

So we have the abilities to dramatically improve our house! That is exciting. The audit includes a comprehensive list of ways to improve our house and will be coming next Wednesday. Sadly, the windows are the largest expense and we only get $30 per window, including the huge bay window over 10 feet in width.

But today Jennifer gave me a list of things I could do that cost very little, so that is very exciting for me. The main thing we have to consider is, are we going to try and take our a loan and get the improvements done for this winter. We know we will get our money back via this governmental program but the catch is that we have to pay for it first.

Or, we can make it through this winter, doing only the things we can afford. Then work hard to save the money to do things like replace our furnace, and so forth.

On an aside, two of the things that have been a contention between the hubby and I, were both turned over in my favour via this audit. I didn’t really gloat. Since I agreed to get the man cable so that he could watch Hockey this winter, I think this evens us out.

The work I did on moving the doors in the house was very beneficial to improving our house energy audit wise. And second, the Auditor strongly agreed with me that we don’t need a water softener! Yay! That’s a HUGE savings!

Anyhow! I’ll let you know if the windows come!

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2 Responses to Are the Windows Coming?

  1. gingerporter says:

    I like the idea of your audit. Hmmm did they have a good reason for not delivering your windows yet?

  2. Elaine says:

    Sorry I’ve not posted but I do like the look of your blog.

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