The Window’s are Coming, The Windows are Coming!!

Yay!  The windows are coming tomorrow, weather permitting.

This has been a really hard thing for me to swallow given the cost.  But our house has been sooo very cold.  Really cold.  Colder than our old farm house cold!

My son had a sleep over on Friday night.  I had avoided turning on the furnace to that point.  I got up Saturday morning as early as I could after having had my night all disturbed by excited 8 & 10 year old boys and found that it was only 7 C in the house.  I felt rather guilty when I saw that the lump of boys on my living room carpet had merged into one mass of bodies in blankets in their attempts to warm up!

We’ve also decided to do the environmental audit.  It is an out of pocket expense that we are not thrilled of doing but our house is rather old and with current government funds we might be able to get the house re insulated for a decent price.  Naturally we are also concerned about all of the reasons for doing this but for now our main concern is out of pocket expenses.

In other news, knitting is still going well.  I finished DD’s second pair of pants.  I am very pleased with this pair.  Its just I hate sewing in stages.  I am much better at doing things in one concentrated and to me, efficient, effort.

I find that lately, as in the past month, I am distracted and not quite right.  The last week I have been experiencing several episodes a day where I can feel the blood rushing to my cheeks and I am burning to the touch on my cheeks.  I also feel slightly dizzy at those times.  Having my bike crash hasn’t helped.

The cold at night has been keeping me somewhat awake.  But then the kidlets will come and join me and I am not about to kick them out because we are collectively warm but then I am not sleeping because… well they wiggle too much!

So I am sincerely hoping that although this window thing causes much panic financially that God will provide and this will bless us in many ways.

Now… about car tires… why did we ever buy a Nissan???

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One Response to The Window’s are Coming, The Windows are Coming!!

  1. Elaine says:

    Don’t know why you bought a Nissan but I take it that the tires are spendy?

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