No Windows Tomorrow, but a Silver Lining

I have to laugh at myself as I sound so incredibly like Pollyanna in my last phone conversation with my husband Joshua.

“I have news for you.  The crew that was to come and install our windows tomorrow isn’t coming.  It turns out that their small job today is a big job.  I guess they took the siding off that house and… things just fell apart.  Its now a very big job.

So they called me to reschedule into next week with a new crew.  Since we’ve signed up for that environmental assessment on Monday, I booked the new crew for Tuesday.  Now we can include the window repair on the ‘need to fix’ side of the list and get the $30 rebate per window from the government!  Won’t that be great?”

“Huh,” says my husband, “So you’re going to tell me this was Providential, right?”

“Err, um, well… yes?”

Truth be told I am disappointed!  That and COLD!

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2 Responses to No Windows Tomorrow, but a Silver Lining

  1. celticmuse says:

    better to get the rebate I think and suffer being cold for a few more days. Drink some hot tea dear and you will warm up.

  2. Elaine says:

    Let us know when they’ll be putting them in. Glad to hear that you’ll be getting money back.

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